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On stage: Angel Dust

- Demons & Wizards - June 2000 - Krefeld (D) -
- Lefay & Angel Dust - Aug. & Sep. 2000 - Germany & Belgium -
- Angel Dust - Dec. 2001 - Bochum (D) -
- Rhapsoday & Angel Dust - April 2002 - Antwerp (B) -
- Steel Meets Steel Festival - July 2002 - Waltrop (D) -
- Metropole Ruhr Festival - April 2010 - Oberhausen (D) -

- Angel Dust -
- Dec., 25th 2001 - Bochum (Germany), Matrix -

Another evening to spend at Bochum's Matrix. Quiet a few metal fans come on Christmas day to get a dose of metal. Beside the Dortmund-based band Angel Dust were on the bill Avalon and Tankard. Unfortunately I missed Avalon... Entering a few minutes after they left the stage. Well, next time.
After a short break Angel Dust started out of the smoke with Let Me Live. The fans gave the quintet a warm welcome. During the last years the band got known as a decent power metal act, even if in the beginning they were more thrash metal. With guitarist Ritchie Wilkisen they got a dose of fresh blood. Also Wilkisen is not as static as his predecessor Bernd Aufermann and so the the whole band was in action. Their music is more straight ahead now. It seemed that now the band enjoys playing live more then in the past. Or was it just to shake off the tranquillity of the Christmas days?!? During their set the five-piece played the highlights of the last releases as well as this ones The One You Are, Black Rain, Roots/Unite, Border Of Reality . The fans sang along, banged and some entered the stage for a dive. The band finished with Nightmare and as en&cores played Bleed and Cross Of Hatred. Beside that they played 2 songs of the coming album Of Human Bondage which will be released next February. Watch out for this one! Afterwards the fans waited for Tankard. Actually I never really was a fan of Gerre and his pals. So, I won't talk about their show. I wouldn't have enjoyed it, so...

Claudia Ehrhardt

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