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On stage: Lefay

- W.O.A. - Aug. 1999 - Wacken (D) -
- Bang-Your-Head - June 2000 - Balingen (D) -
- Lefay, Angel Dust, Steel Prophet
& StormHammer
- Aug./Sep. 2000 - Belgium & Netherlands -

Lefay, Angel Dust, Steel Prophet & StormHammer
...on tour in August / September 2000

Now the festival season is over and just a few weeks after Wacken the first power metal package hits the road. In late August Lefay opens this falls concert season.
The fist night I come out to see the Swedish metal heads was when they played at Tilburg's 013. I missed the opener StormHammer while I was chatting with Charles and Robin. But I knew that I will see them later on this tour...
So the first surprise was to see Angel Dust entering the stage as the 2nd band tonight. Singer Dirk Thurisch and his mates presented a great collection of songs from their latest releases incl. Bleed, Border Of Reality and form their new album Enlighten The Darkness the tracks Let Me Live, Come Into Resistance and Cross Of Hatred. The band play a lot live and so musically they don't have to proof their abilities. The Dortmund-based guys enjoyed playing live and made some jokes with Lefay who were watching the show as well as the colleagues from Steel Prophet.
Next were the American quintet Steel Prophet. The band of guitarist Steve Kachinsky opened with Ides Of March which they covered on 1997 release Into The Void. Then they start to present their own songs like Messiah and Mysteries Of Iniquity. Live the songs are much heavier than on album... The band has to get this power onto their next album! Soon the set was offer and now it was time for the Swedish.
Charles Rykönen and the rest of the crazy bunch entered the stage and rocked the house. They were out on the road to present their latest album S.O.S. live and to have some fun... So they were making fun and presenting songs like Maleficium, The Boon He Gives and When Gargoyles Fly . Too soon the set was over...
In Vervier's Spirit Of 66 I just saw Angel Dust live, the rest of the night I spend hanging out with the other bands..... And just listened to their songs.... Angel Dust been great, again. And as much as I heard of the others, they did a good job as well...
My last visit I made in Vosselaar. It was Dirk Thurisch's birthday and because the night before was off, they had a big party at Frank Banx pub. So everybody had a hangover, more or less.... It was a sunny afternoon and everybody stayed outside in the sun, fortunated the fans who came early and had the chance to chit-chat with the bands.
Unfortunately something went wrong with the promotion and so just a few tickets be sold in advance.... StormHammer been the ones who had to suffer most, coz Bob decided to start earlier and so just a handful of fans attended their show.... Singer Tommy tried to motivate the few fans to come closer to the stage, but failed. Only the members of the other bands were standing in the first row... The German band played the songs of their debut Fireball. They gave their best and the few fans appreciated it.
A little later the Americans entered the stage, meanwhile a few more fans arrived. They haven't changed the set... The band got even better during the tour... Singer Rick made the fans come closer and little by little Steel Prophet convinced them. There is a lot of energy and fun when they are on stage, but different in comparison with Lefay... Hopefully Nuclear Blast will bring them back to Europe....
Never saw the Biebob that empty..... Angel Dust remember the days playing in front of a few people and took it as a challenge! No stage outfit, only the band and their instruments! During their set some more fans arrived.... And Angel Dust rocked them.....
The last band of the night..... Lefay. Still I can't understand why people didn't show up, coz last time Lefay played here, they played a killer show! For the Swedish guys it's nothing new to be on stage with a hangover, so it didn't changed anything for them. At the end of the set Tony, Peter and Micke left the stage and continued playing in the middle of the audience. For the last song they got support from the bassists... Steel Prophet bassist as well as Frank Banx and StormHammer's four-stringer got onto the stage and sang backings for them. Frank Banx got a bass handed by the crew and jammed. Not the highlight of this tour, but a funny night... It was nice to hang out with the boys from the bands, the crew and tour manager Chris and see some good shows..... Thank you!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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