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In Words: Arryan Path

- Nicholas Leptos - Mar. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Arryan Path
© Arryan Path

Nicholas Leptos - date - where

Arryan Path aren't a new band and in the underground scene they already have fans. Now they have a new album out and it seems that they make a step ahead, that more people get aware of them, time to learn a bit more about Arryan Path!

Road To Macedonia was released in 2004, now you have Terra Incognita out. Why did it take so many years to present the follow-up? Please tell us about the recordings too!

I can't think of a single reason why we didn't make an Arryan Path album sooner. I made an album with my other band, Prodigal Earth and also sang on the 'farewell' album of Diphtheria, so I guess all those years my hands were quite full! In any case, about 2 years ago I decided to write songs for a new Arryan Path album. We travelled to Germany to work with Vangelis Maranis, ex-singer of Sanvoisen, and I can tell you, we had a blast! The recordings were all done in 2 weeks, the whole procedure was very professional. Of course we had our little disagreements, but I think that they were all to the benefit of the end result.

Terra Incognita was released by Pitch Black Records, a small Cyprus-based label. An advantage to be on a label which is literally near you?

It has its advantages and disadvantages, but I think that nowadays you can get quite a good promotion from small labels, because its all digital downloads instead of promos. The advantages of being in a big label are mostly touring-related. As far as sales are concerned, the gap between bands that are with small labels and bands that are with larger ones is beginning to close. And it's all caused by illegal downloading.

With demo titles Return To Troy and Osiris, a debut titled Road To Macedonia and now Terra Incognita, it seems that your lyrics are not just fantasy. How do you pick the topics?

Most of the lyrics are fantasy-related of course, but it's not possible for a lyricist to be so one-sided! Sometimes people need to write about things they see in the street or hear in the news. Sometimes you need to scream in anger about things that are happening now! Of course you can always do it metaphorically.

Who influenced you when you started playing music? And which bands / artists are inspiring you now?

Well, I started out with Iron Maiden. They are still my favorite band. When I was in high-school I went through the thrash phase. Slayer, Megadeth, Testament, Kreator, Exodus, Overkill, Atrophy etc... In the 90's I discovered Stratovarius, Angra, Blind Guardian, Rhapsody etc... Right now, hand in heart, the best band in the world at this moment for me is Symphony X. and Kamelot! There are so many good groups actually. That was probably a bad answer :)

Arryan Path is more a project then a band it seems, but there is a core of 3 musicians who work with guests... so to speak Do you think about a stable line-up? Or keep the project to be more flexible? To get new input?

Arryan Path is open for anything! We could make an album containing songs written by 3 or 4 people or we can make an album containing songs 100% written by me. That I guess will make the albums sounds different and we will not sound the same.

You just played Up The Hammers festival in Athens. How was it?

One of the best experiences of my life actually. Our first live abroad and probably the best. And I'm just quoting what people have told me. I couldn't believe the energy and the adrenaline flow in that club! Especially at the chorus of Road To Macedonia I thought they were gonna climb up on stage. I thought the roof was gonna land on our heads! I really hope we'll return to Greece and play in other cities too!

You will get the chance to present Arryan Path on CyBC - the Greek & the English channel. Fans can send in questions... What do you expect from the radio show? Glad, you finally get the chance to present Arryan Path to more people?

Well, the show actually happened already (my fault I guess, I was late in sending the answers). It was great, we talked with Vangelis from Germany on the phone, we played our songs to more people here in Cyprus and I had the chance to see Robert Camassa the radio producer who is a great friend of mine!

(No problem about answering a bit late, some things are more important then answering email interview. ;) - editor)

Can we expect some more shows of Arryan Path in future? Or is it too complicated for you to go on tour?

I would be lying, if I told you it's easy. Unfortunately, music is just a hobby for me and it's not see to just 'up and leave' from my steady work at the bank. But it can happen, if it's well-organized and planned. I would like to play just about anywhere!!

Have you thought about relocating? To get the chance to play more live?

At the moment that's impossible. :)

Do you sometimes regret choosing the name Arryan Path? Often it's misunderstood...

Yes, of course I regret it sometimes. Not because some people say all that crap on forums, but because we have limitations as to where we can send our music or play live shows. We will not change the name for the moment but we are planning... something else...

What are your plans for 2010?

The plan is to record our third album! I don't know, if it will be out in 2010 (probably 2011), but it will definitely be recorded in 2010, because we have the songs ready. Well, almost ready :) More will be revealed very soon...

Sounds like Arryan Path are now back in motion - and don't want to stop soon! Thanks to Nicholas Leptos for answering my questions! And good luck for the future! Hopefully it will bring Arryan Path on stage abroad!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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