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On disc: Avenger

Bohemian Dark Metal - Lars Bjřrn - 7 stars

Bohemian Dark Metal

Bohemian Dark Metal
(Deathgasm Records - 2012)

Avenger is a band coming from the Czech Republic, and singing their songs in their own language. That makes a hard job to make a real impact on the vocal side, but it doesn't help that their 4th album is only of 8 songs, where two of them are so short that it really doesn't make any point to include them. But there are also good elements in their songs, Duševní Chirurgie has a marvelous build and especially the drums sounds convincing to back up the already fantastic rhythm section. Vstríc Dálkám gives us an example of the hard and dark competent guitar creativity they can offer from Avenger, and Umírání Životem is more of the good and melodic dark sounds and this time sung with double vocals. It all ends with the song where they tighten the belt: Dark Metal. Here the genius hard rhythm makes a brutal attack with very good and fast metal, like this is the song they would like to become known for.

The album is not on the highest level, but survives without problems.

7 stars

Lars Bjřrn


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