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On disc: Albatross

Dinner Is You - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Dinner Is You

Dinner Is You
(Demonstealer Records - 2010)

With Albatross another band from India is on the way. Dinner Is You is a 4-track EP and takes you onto a journey into the dark... into the world of horror. The opener The Great Plague Of The 21st Century is more an intro with spoken words, but this version of the nursery rhythm Ring A Ring o' Roses is giving you the creeps! Then they head in a Megadeth-ish way into The Dining Table, later the song has a 70's rock feel to it which they combine with thrashy power metal. In this track someone is visiting his master for dinner and you guess it, becomes the dinner himself! The album cover ties in perfectly as it shows it in a still life.
The rhythmic playground is delivered by drummer Jay Thacker and bassist Riju Dasgupta and on top you hear Raj B and Jimmy Alexander on guitar. Singer Biprorshee Das tells the story in an incredible way, this is horror metal!
They speed up for In The Court Of Kuru, at this one the guitarists can really show their skills, but they step back to give Biprorshee Das the space to create the creepy atmosphere. In this song he tells the story of the master who got sentenced for cannibalism - and then the people in court eat the judge. The closer Among The Cannibals is a long track, just shy of 10 minutes, and again this one lyrically continues the story, the story of the master who suffers from Kuru.
The tracks are the perfect soundtrack for a short film, sometimes it doesn't need 90 minutes to tell a true horror story! The band recorded the songs themselves, but the mastering was done by Andy LaRocque who is known not just as a guitarist, also as a long time member of King Diamond. LaRocque seems to be perfect to polish horror metal tunes.
I can just recommend to get a copy of this EP, if you like thrash / power metal and horror movies. If you listen to King Diamond and read Stephan King, then Dinner Is You should suit you perfectly.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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