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On disc: Antibodies

Live Fast, Die Old School - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Live Fast, Die Old School

Live Fast, Die Old School
(PATAC Records - 2010)

Antibodies present their full-length debut called Live Fast, Die Old School. They head into the album with the short Fuck You which shows perfectly that they are old school and not following any trends. The songs are between 1:04 min (All Too Real) and 3:13 minutes (Antibodies Are Here), all tunes are full of anger and straight to the point. The four Antibodies deliver a brutal statement of old school punk. The songs are angry, aggressive and Antibodies don't hold back anything. Blacked Out is showing elements of classic punk, but heavier and full of anger. Friends Forever is catchy, a real punk party song! The Hyannis boys offer 13 tracks of punk with a rock vibe and a dash of hardcore, their songs won't get the interest of fans of Blink-182, Good Charlotte and similar outfits, they are more based in the Boston scene then the Cali pop punk. Oi To Your Mutha is reviving the late 70's punk and mix it with the anger of hardcore and heaviness. With 12 Hours they present a mainly a fast, straight-in-your-face track which shows off their hardcore roots. At Mommy And Daddy it's more punk rock. And due to the different shades of their old school punk it's a quite entertaining album.
The closer Antibodies Are Here is the longest track, but kinda sums up what Antibodies is about. So, check them out at their MySpace and get your dose of Antibodies!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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