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On disc: Agincourt

Angels Of Mons - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Angels Of Mons

Angels Of Mons
(High Roller Records - 2011)

The music style NWoBHM was a natural choice for the quartet to play the British music, the heavy side of rock music where they are now in succession of two EPs that they released earlier in their career. After 20 years in the business Agincourt makes their debut long playing record where they have the scene of the album cover from Belgian town Mons where the British Army fought in World War 1. And to clarify the name of the album they refer to an old legend, Angel Of Mons, where a group of angels were protecting the British Army in the battle in Belgium in 1914. As for the songs it's all on a average level, with big plusses to Edge Of Paradise which are melodic metal with a glimpse in the eye. Come With Me is also a very good song with hard metal so tight you almost get scrambled. Fool No More is also taken from the war inspiration and provides miraculous metal, good grooving rhythm and excellent guitars.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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