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On disc: Angeline

Disconnected - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Avenue Of Allies - 2011)

Angeline started back in the late 80's, but they had to face some difficulties and just after releasing the mini album Don't Settle For Second Best and the single Rain their singer passed away. Guitarist Jocke Nilsson took over the lead vocals and for a few years they only did cover versions. They even recorded a cover album. Anyway, to keep the memory of their deceased singer Jörgen 'Sigge' Sigvardsson alive they met every other year for a 'family day'. Their 20th anniversary they celebrated by playing a show and they discover that they had a new generation of fans. And so they wrote some songs and in 2010 Confessions was released, Disconnected is the follow-up.

The Swedish hard rockers kick off with When The Lights Go Down, a real rocker with a catchy refrain. Fans of hard rock in the 80's style should dig this. At Falling Into You it's Uffe Nilsson's bass which will hook you up. Jocke Nilsson's vocals remind me a bit of L.A. Guns' Phil Lewis, but Angeline's sound isn't sleazy! The next track has a little alternative feel... Take A Little Time is mix of 80's hard rock and alternative rock - at least that's how it sounds to me. A bit heavier, but still very catchy is I Had Enough. After another rocker they slow down for Found, a ballad. The opening passage of Disconnected will remind you of Bon Jovi simply for the use of a talk box. Beside that you can always find similarities, if you want to. I recommend to just enjoy the song. Solid Ground slows down a bit, dash of alternative rock added here. A tune fans of Bryan Adams might fall for is If It's The Last Thing I Do, but it isn't one of my favorites which doesn't mean it isn't a good one! The closer Way Down is a catchy rocker, but not as memorable as other tunes on Disconnected. I'm glad that Angeline is back and even if this might not the a killer album, it's a lot fun, if you like 80's hard rock with a modern sound!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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