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On disc: Ab Imo Pectore

The Dissociative Path - Lars Bjørn - 2 stars

The Dissociative Path

The Dissociative Path
(Debemur Morti Productions - 2012)

The Portuguese band play just like their name indicate: Ab Imo Pectore (from the bottom of the heart), but the first demo release they have ever made is not giving a positive view of them. It is slow and boring, and the song A Boundless Dispersion is nothing but low noise with no music in it, actually I don't know what the meaning is with such a track. The only song that can give just a little bit of hope is Shearers Of God where the first part is black cursing talking and then a metal madness settles in to fill out the song. They need to find better material, otherwise this will never be a breakthrough.

2 stars

Lars Bjørn


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