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On disc: Airless

Changes - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Lion Music - 2013)

It's the first encounter with Spanish hard rock outfit Airless, so I don't know, if they changed musically. But this is their 4th album and in their home country they opened up for bands like Tyketto, Dare and Riot.

They kick off with Start Again, a guitar-driven hard rocker. Not a real ear catcher, but still a good opener. Next in line is I Don't Care, a rocker which starts with a balladesque piano part - perhaps a bit too early in the album... Singer Iņaki Lazcano sometimes reminds me of Michael Voss (Mad Max)... The heavy rocker Upstream will hook you up, even if it also shows the limitations of Iņaki Lazcano. Anyway, live this track will be fun. The title track Changes is riff-based and Airless welcome Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) on this one who joins in and so ennobles this one with his vocal performance. The melodic Till The End Of Time once more reminds me of Mad Max from mid-80s... One of my faves is Rescue Me, one of the highlights at Changes. Spoken words lead you into Gone Too Far, it's taken from TV news / documentaries and it's all about war crimes and genocide - and it doesn't matter where in the world, so you hear about Bosnia, Rwanda, and other places in the world. But at the end you can hear something about Fukushima, even if that isn't a site of war crimes, but the human race was facing a disaster. A socio-critical tune, but if you don't focus on the lyrics you can enjoy a melodic heavy rocker, but I like songs which have a deeper meaning. After some hard rockers they close this chapter with a power metal tune! Last Prophecy is a melodic power metal and so might be pushing too much for some, but well...

Another highlight is Come Back Home, an arena rocker! Back in the days it would have got a lot airplay - but there are still many hard rock lovers out there, they just have to discover Airless.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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