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On disc: Anhedonist

Netherwards - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars


(Dark Descent Records - 2012)

From Seattle comes the band Anhedonist who started their career in 2008 with rehearsals and preparing for an EP to come out in 2010, but it is now that they take a big step with the release of their debut album Netherwards via Dark Descent Records. Doom metal with doses of death metal makes it a very dark and genuine to listen to Anhedonist where the surprises are few but the music generally on a high level. 40 minutes of music divided to 4 songs as to make a concentrated view for the listener. Saturnine is slow but still hard and black in the foundation and give a good idea of the doom metal they have in their blood. Estrangement goes wider into the darkness via the slow path, scary atmosphere with whisperings and creepy horror mood for the fans. Carne Liberatus is with more tempo but still very relaxed guitars, and growling compared with scary speaking passages makes the sweat run down the spine once more. Inherent Opprobrium is the last song, the longest where we again get the slow deep metal but this time with a scent of ritual satanic events. Melodic and special background drums makes it a great last song from Anhedonist. The fact that there is only 4 songs on their debut album does not make it a weak CD, it give a concentrated output where the purest impression of their music comes to its right.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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