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On disc: Asgaia

Trinegra - Carsten Bahr - 6 stars


(STF-Records - 2011)

Asgaia, a Thuringian band, was founded in 1995 and so far they released 2 studio albums - Yersinia (2000) and In Carni Veritas (2006). After 5 years without a new album the fivesome is back with Trinegra. Musically Asgaia offer a mix of dark metal, gothic and a dash of melodic death metal. Their dark, emotional compositions are spiced up with bombastic keyboards which sometimes sounds a bit like a motion picture soundtrack for a fantasy movie. Great guitar melodies are accompanied by heavy riffing and death metal-like growls, but to add variety they also use some clean vocals. Technically and production-wise Asgaia presenting themselves on a high quality level. The first 3 tracks - Sexual Magic, Right Path Into Doom, Cold Winterday and later on Tempel Of Life - are well done and highlights of dark / gothic metal. But the rest of the material tends to get a bit monotonous, partly due to the fact that most songs are mid-paced and don't vary in speed at all. So the songs are too much alike and predictible. The vocals are limited, too. So the album lacks variations, twists and turns. At the end of the day the Thuringians present a solid piece of music which fans of Crematory and Amorphis should check out. I recommend to give Tringra a try and to keep an eye on Asgaia!

6 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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