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On disc: Angel

- Live Without A Net - Sandra Bucher - 9 stars site)

Live Without A Net

Live Without A Net
BGO Records - 1980/2006)

The American band Angel isn't much known by nowadays rock and metal fans, even if most of you will recognize one of their songs... a cover of David Bowies' All The Young Dudes.
The band was discovered by Kiss mastermind Gene Simmons in a night club, but never been widely known. Even if most of the band members later worked with other bands like singer Frank DiMino who later joined U.F.O., bassist Felix Robinson who appeared on White Lion's debut album Fight To Survive and keyboarder Gregg Guiffria with Guiffria and later House Of Lords.
Anyway, this album is a great live album which shows what live shows where about in the 70's - extended songs, solo parts and jam sessions. The album also overlooks the bands history up to the recording day. And if Angel would have released a live album like this earlier in their career it could have been their breakthrough like the live albums of Kiss, Thin Lizzy and Peter Frampton....
Somehow this CD became a classic - and one of the rarest Angel CDs until it got re-released in 2006. The re-release has a booklet full with photos and a band biography.

Track list:

Can You Feel It
Don't Leave Me Lonely
Telephone Exchange
Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
Over And Over
Anyway You Want It
On The Rocks
Wild & Hot
All The Young Dudes
Rock & Rollers
White Lightning
Hold Me, Squeeze Me
Got Love If You Want It
Feelin' Right
20th Century Foxes

9 stars

Sandra Bucher
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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