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In Words: Angeline

- Uffe, Jocke & Tobbe - Feb. 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© Angeline

Uffe, Jocke & Tobbe - February 11th 2012 (by email)

Angeline just presented their new album Disconnected and it seems they are fully back. To learn a bit more about Angeline I shoot them some questions, here is the interview!

Disconnected is out now for a few weeks, are you happy with the feedback you got so far?

Uffe: Hello Claudia! Thank you for having us! The feedback has been fantastic, we are very happy with how thing are going at the moment

Jocke: The feedback has been really great!! Far beyond our expectations.

When did you start writing songs for Disconnected? And how long did the recordings take?

Uffe: We released Confessions in 2010. The album went down really well among listeners and magazines and the plan was to try to establish the band in one way or another. After its release we decided that we wanted to record a 'quick' follow up. The idea was to make sure that no one thought that Confessions was a 'one time thing'. Jocke is the main songwriter in the band and the songs on Confessions were written during a 2 year period of time. But with Disconnected it was all done within less than a year.

Why the title Disconnected?

Tobbe: Many of the lyrics on the album reflect what's been going on in our lives from our teens up til now. When we started out in our early teens we were together night and day and all of the time, we had the same goal and we had lots of fun trying to get there.. =) But Sigge our original singer suffered with a heart condition and things changed when he passed away. Even thou we kept on writing and perform things weren't the same. So there was a period in life when we went in different directions and you can say that we were: Disconnected.

As a kind of appetizer you did a video for Falling Into You, why this one?

Uffe: The video is made by an I-phone app called super 8, and it's very homemade. But when it comes to the song, we felt that Falling Into You represents the album in every way; you got the riffs, the melodies and the big choruses. I think it's a great song and the perfect choice for a first 'single'.

Jocke: I agree.. I think that song kinda’ sums up the whole album.

While the first clip is completely in b&w, Run Run Run is partly b&w. Both videos show you on and off stage, but at the new one the stage shots are colored... Kinda symbolizing that playing live is coloring you life?

Uffe: We kind of like the BW videos, the color parts in the video has nothing to do about how we feel. But to answer your question; playing music in this band certainly color my life We have known each other for a 3rd of a life time and it's a great pleasure to be among friends and have the possibility to do this crazy journey once again

Tobbe: Is the Falling Into You video in black and white? I thought it just was my TV that was broken... hahahahahah....

You have quite a few videos at your YouTube channel incl. live footage and some behind-the-scenes. It seems you enjoy doing videos... Glad that nowadays technology makes it easy to share?

Uffe: Since the days of CD-singles are long gone we made a plan to release videos as 'singles' for the album. The plan is to make a least one more video and that one will be shot in April. We will aim for an early May release and the 'video single' will be Solid Ground.

Jocke: When we started to record Confessions we wanted to do a 'studio diary' to help promote the upcoming album.. We had so much fun doing it so we did it again for the Disconnected sessions, and I think there will be more in the future...

Social media, something which haven't existed when you started Angeline... Pleasure or pain for you?

Uffe: In our case I think it's all roses. The media possibilities today has no limits and if you use them in the right way I think you can make a huge difference. I also think it's great to have 'direct' contact with the fans – so in our case all pleasure!

Jocke: It certainly has helped us to reach a broader audience. I think it's really great.

You have a show in Stockholm soon, can we expect more videos soon after?

Uffe: We have some other shows recorded and this one will probably be recorded as well. There is no plan of releasing any live videos at the moment, but I guess there will be selected clips in the future. Maybe we will use the footage for yet another video during the summer...

Can we hope for more shows?

Uffe: Certainly, there might be some festivals this summer, we are looking at some dates at the moment, and it would be great to have a small tour in Germany and (or) in England.

Jocke: Absolutely. Like Uffe says we’re looking at some dates at the moment, and we are ready to take Disconnected out on the road.

What else is on your schedule for 2012?

Uffe: Well, the band will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year (yes, we are that old! :) ). We have some things in the pipeline for this little event... but that's all I can tell you ;-)

Thank you so much for 'having' us!

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Thanks to the threesome for answering my questions and I keep my fingers crossed that they can hit the road!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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