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In Words: Ankor

- Ankor - May 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -


Ankor - May 17th 2012 (by email)

Ankor is a female-fronted band from Spain, and they are worth checking out, even if female-fronted band usually not your cup of tea. To learn more about Ankor we shoot them some questions!

Please tell us a bit how Ankor got started and why you choose the name Ankor!

We started in 2003 in Tarragona, a city near Barcelona. We were a group of friends and we liked the same music. We recorded some demos before our first album Al Fin Descansar.
Ankor means cavern in the Celtic language, but we chose it because it sounds energetic and powerful!

In 2008 you released your debut Al Fin Descansar, was it a collection of songs you wrote through the years? Or have they been written just for the debut?

About half of them were composed some years before the album, and the other half just for the album.

Is song writing a band effort or is there a main songwriter?

The main songwriter is David, but all the band members share their musical and lyrical ideas with the rest.

How was the response you got for Al Fin Descansar? Satisfying?

It was our first album and it arrived to Japan, this was a surprise for us, and of course we were very proud. We also received very good reviews from specialized media considering that the average age of the members was only 19.

You now have your 2nd album out, but your first with English lyrics. As I don't know the Spanish album, did you use some of the songs from the Spanish album? Or these are all new songs?

No, they are all totally new songs.

When did you start writing and recording My Own Angel?

We started writing in the last months of 2009 and we started the recording in the summer of 2010.

You published some webisodes at your YouTube channel, how important was it for you to keep the fans in the loop?

We think that all these little things are really important to keep fans in touch with us. We like to show ourselves us we really are, recording or simply having a great time together.

Do you think that social networking is now essential for a 'new' band? And how do you feel about it? Love or hate?

WE REALLY LOVE THEM! We have met a lot of fantastic people thanks to social networks, fans and really good bands too. They are a good way to get your music known and get to know others. They have opened a lot of doors for us to play in different places.

You choose Remaining for a video clip, why this song? And please tell us a bit about the video shoot!

We think that it is the song with the most strength in the album. It's the most direct and one of the most captive, and the lyrics talk about our story and how difficult it is for bands which are starting.

You more recently did a video for Completely Frozen, please tell us about! How was working with Patrick Ullaeus?

Really great experience again! We love his work, he is an artist!

At your YouTube channel are also acoustic versions which were recorded at a radio show session, can we expect to get some acoustic versions in future?

Of course, we love this part of our music, and a lot of people agree with us. We don't discard making an acoustic album in the future.

You have a website, but for information about shows, etc you get redirected to your Facebook page. Personally I prefer a website to social media... Why did you decide to limit the information / photos on your website and focus on a social media site?

We are thinking about extend our website, but almost all our fans have a Facebook or Twitter account, they are constantly informed.

Your album My Own Angel will be released in Japan soon. I guess, it's an exciting time for you... Did you already got some feedback from Japanese media?

Yes, they are sending us some interviews already! We are really happy for that, we love Japan and we hope they like My Own Angel too.

What about a tour outside Spain? Or festivals?

In June we will be in Finland, in Turku Distortion Fest, our first show outside Spain! For sure it won't be the last; we are planning more concerts in Europe.

What can metal fans expect from Ankor for the rest of 2012? 2013?

A lot of concerts, new videos, some acoustics versions and obviously, a lot of Rock!!
Thanks for your interest in the band, greetings from Spain!!


Thanks for enlightening us! And I hope to see you on stage soon!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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