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On disc: Anatriz

- Universal Conspiracy For A Fierce Pursuance - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Universal Conspiracy For A Fierce Pursuance

Universal Conspiracy For A Fierce Pursuance
(Self-released - 2005)

The Brazilian quintet starts into their demo with My Wealth Lurks Astray - after a short spoken word part they go full speed ahead... But the melodic death metal with fast drumming and heavy riffs they combine with some slow, atmospheric parts. Singer Andre Muller is doing the clean vocals while guitarist Daniel Juanpetter adds the growls. The clean vocal parts are quite catchy... These parts are pure power metal. At Blond Razors the keyboard parts of Julio Stotz are more up-front and add a symphonic touch. The combination reminds me a bit of Amorphis in the late 90's... Only the high-pitched notes closer to Andre Matos - to name a fellow countryman. The basic idea for the song is pretty good, but I think they should over do this one. It's mainly the arrangement which makes it sound a bit confusing... Speed changes are to abruptly. In a way they try to present all their influences in this song - at least it seems like that to me - and push it a bit too far. Everlasting Soul also offers a mixture of different genres and again it's the bridge which needs some overdoing. Technically they are very skilled which is obvious at instrumental parts and during the soloing. The guys from the area of Florianˇpolis are presenting an interesting mixture and with a little help (arrangements / production) they can keep up with international bands. More heavy and so more melodic death metal-like is the last track Gathering Of Astral Azures. This one Children Of Bodon fans might dig...
The production is quite good for a demo CD and also technically they offer a lot. If they get the chance to do this songs with a producer and overdo / rearrange it, then it could get really interesting to hear more...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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