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On disc: Accept

Predator - Volker Raabe - 8 stars
Blood Of The Nations - Umberto Mino - 9 stars

Blood Of The Nations

Blood Of The Nations
(Nuclear Blast - 2010)

Finally they're back!!!! My idols are back!!! Everybody just waited and wanted to hear Accept without Udo can do it now.... include myself. All of you will remember what happened when Udo left the band at the end of the eighties, Accept did a record that were not one of their bests, or better the right record to do!! 2 buckets full of hate!!!
This time they recruited the singer Mark Tornillo (ex TT Quick) and (most important) the famous producer Andy Sneap; in an interview the leader Wolf Hoffman said that Andy ask him and the band to re-create the old-time sound and atmosphere.... And now we have it here - Blood Of The Nations.
Come on, let's start with the first track Beat The Bastards and I feel like a 15 years old kid with these riffs, this sound.... Cool!!!!!! The second one is the promotional video Teutonic Terror (I love this title) and you know the track, in case you don't know that one, how can I describe a real head banging cool track with simple words???? Next one is available on the download The Abyss and another very good track with a melodic break in the middle!!! Awesome!!!! Now it's the title track and at the first note I imagine myself sing the chorus and throwing my fist in the air. Shades Of Death gives us an intro with violins and the usual Accept refrain, simply irresistible! A killer mid-tempo track!!!! Locked And Loaded is a speedy song (don't think immediately at the shark) made for old moshers like me.... Love this song!!!!! Time Machine is another hymn la Accept, so prepare your throats for their live shows!!! Kill The Pain is the ballad, and the following Rolling Thunder takes us back right what they are now, a heavy metal war machine!!!!! Pandemic could have been on the Balls To The Wall album, New World Comin' is the only song that I don't love as much as the others, because it reminds me a lot of Princess Of The Dawn. No Shelter gives me one more time good vibrations and the final Bucket Full Of Hate just close this album with what we need from these guys: heavy metal!!!!
Now a particular mention to each member of the band starting from their guitarists Wolf Hoffmann and Herman Frank, their guitar work here is a real kick-in-the-teeth!!!! Kudos!!! Peter Baltes on bass guitar and Stefan Schwarzmann on drums are the rhythmic section and more solid than a rock, and last but not least the x-factor of Accept - Mark Tornillo. He must take the legacy of a metal legend and his job isn't simple and easy, but he has done a very good job!!! Welcome to Accept, Mr Tornillo!!!!!!

Rating from the heart: 10 stars

9 stars

Umberto Mino




(RCA - 1996)

The new Accept album Predator shows some changes. After several years producer Michael Wagner is back. Also bassist Peter Baltes took over the microphone again, he sings It Ain't Over Yet, Lay It Down and Primitive. Definitely a highlight of the album is the duet of Peter Baltes and Udo Dirkschneider on Crossroads. In comparison with previous Accept releases this offers a larger variety and is a decent metal album. They included new elements into the Accept groove and give them a new sound. So, fans of classic albums like Breaker and Restless And Wild should first listen to it! Everybody else can buy this one, no doubt!

8 stars

Volker Raabe

(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)

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