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On disc: Ageless Oblivion

Temples Of Transcendent Evolution - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Temples Of Transcendent Evolution

Temples Of Transcendent Evolution
(Siege Of Amida - 2011)

Ageless Oblivion makes their first record ever, and to secure an impact that would not be forgotten, they have 8 songs of very different build and direction. They are a melodic death metal band with a sound concentrated on raw power, mostly brought by vocalist Steve Jones' strong voice but also by a combination of very technical drum work supplied with massive sums of quality guitar riffs.
With only 8 songs it is quite a chance to take with the different line of compositions, you must give the band credit for that kind of bravery. The opener Monument is one long growling affair with only a powerful impression, but not so much substance to it. The songs Time Of The Empty Throne and also the song Detachable Faceplate is of the same make; with very melodic guitar parts and gives a good view of the melodic side of death metal. Mycora is a short song of 2 minutes and very special. Instrumental all the way, and with Steve Jones in the background softly growling 'Mycora, Mycora'. Really special song to give yet another aspect to their music.
The last song is their masterpiece: Temples, a 13 minute long display with positive driven guitar and drums finesses. In a style where many other head banging metal lovers also can participate, they give a breathtaking composition where it is all ending with a massive and absolute thunder breaking out. What an effect that makes.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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