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On disc: Abstracter

Tomb Of Feathers - Lars Bjørn - 2 stars

Tomb Of Feathers

Tomb Of Feathers
(The Path Less Travelled Records - 2012)

When you put this CD in your player you will be surprised that a band mixes stoner metal with death metal, and get a strange result out of it. Abstracter has released their first album, and 3 long boring songs are what comes from them. Each one is over 10 minutes, and in that time they switch between fast and boring slow music without any system in it. If you totally stoned away and need something to relax your brain, then maybe you can enjoy Abstracter, who start with a song called Walls That Breathe. Pressuring brutal death metal that develops into stoner metal of the slowest kind. To Vomit Crows has it the other way around, starting with the slow metal in floor level, and turn it into aggressive death metal of confusion. Last song is called Ash, also slow stoner metal and slowly getting more energy as the brutal death metal takes over. Hard to figure out what Abstracter want with this kind of music, but pretty and beautiful are words they can forget..

2 stars

Lars Bjørn


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