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On disc: Awaken Demons

The Mirror - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
Awaken Demons - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Awaken Demons

Awaken Demons
(Bastardized Recordings - 2012)

Awaken Demons from Italy play metalcore as if their life were at stake, their 3rd record will be released via Bastardized Recordings and their main focus is the powerful drums from Emanuele Pagani that really backs the aggressive vocals from Luca Zattoni. Simple tools but effective as hell. Is doesn't do any harm that Pagani is almost too powerful in his drumming because it fits perfectly to the style the band have with aggressive forwarded metalcore. Sharks is a song where they try to include rap music together with Zattoni's singing and actually it is not hit passed the target, just another dimension in their metal. Disease get us another dose of rap and this time with very good bass guitars to make the sound a little more groovy. Under The Glass is made from the hard ground rhythm they practice, super drums and the flow in this song give Awaken Demons a good push in the back to the top of Italian metal. Isolation give the bass guitar a dominant role in this well-polished song where the drums as usual play the biggest part. The album gives a perfect view of what the message is from Awaken Demons, and more metal from the Italians would be appreciated.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


The Mirror

The Mirror
(Trustkill - 2009)

Awaken Demons is a quintet from Cesena (Italy). Their debut From Heaven To Hell was released in 2007 and after a US tour with xAFBx and Rhinoceros they spent most of 2008 writing the songs for their new album The Mirror. But they also played many shows.
Full force they kick off with Coming To An End, an angry tune with heavy guitar riffs, but the Italians vary in speed. The storm off with Drawn To Death's Door. They deliver songs with a high energy level and refrain to shout along while the music is structured and has some complexity. Awaken Demons seems to be the demons unleashed... Fight To Overcome this angry attack. A little different is Victim Of Your Game, but soon they are back on the chosen path! The closer The Mirror starts symphonically and shows another facet of Awaken Demons! The instrumental doesn't really fit to the other tracks and so it is perfectly placed at the end of the album. And so you'll get 9 songs full of anger, aggression and sharp riff attacks - and an instrumental.
The Italians got some guest on The Mirror, so Vincent Bennet (The Acacia Strain) and Earth Crisis' Karl Buechner add some vocals. If you are into bands like e.g. The Acacia Strain and Hatebreed, then check out the opener Coming To An End, Abandon The Darkness and Victim Of Your Game.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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