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On disc: Agonizer

- Birth / The End - Philip Thelen - 9 stars

Birth / The End

Birth / The End
(Spinefarm - 2007)

With Birth / The End the Finnish Agonizer present their debut album. The guys play power metal with straight riffs and outstanding vocals. The band adapted their name from Star Trek and so they might draw some attention.
The songs are melodic and come over you with fat riffs. Entertaining. The charismatic voice of Pasi Kärkkäinen ennobles this piece of metal made in Finland.
Songs like Prisoner, Hazardous or Black Sun show what's Agonizer's Birth / The End is about. It's not simply power metal, the guys have already found their own style and so differ from all the other melodic power metal bands.
Listen to: Prisoner, Harmless Hero, Everyone Of Us, Hazardous and Black Sun.

9 stars

Philip Thelen

(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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