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On disc: Axehammer

Marching On - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars


Marching On

Marching On
(Pure Steel Records - 2012)

Interesting is the band Axehammer, they have existed a long time but a hiatus in 1998 saw them putting things to a rest for some time until they reunited again in 2005 and supplied the metal world with axe music so the ears bled. On their new record they have their new singer Kleber Mandrake to terrorize the microphone in a way others could only dream of. Not only is he doing a fantastic vocal job, but his timing and ability to make the songs tight and lively is a true gift. His style reminds me of the way Rob Halford sings, and that is absolutely not a bad thing, and Mandrake doesn't make any crazy or stupid actions, just competent and great vocals for the songs. Sublime and hard power metal starts with Walk Into The Fire with some fury and fast metal, not for schoolboys but for fans of good and clean power metal. Swing The Steel is also this great fast power metal where you can't help making a fist of joy when you hear it. Fire Away has a metal rhythm and melodic touch as though it was a new version of Judas Priest judged from the music style, great power and great atmosphere. Demon Killer is also hard metal with a no mercy nerve in the music that attacks the demons around. Flesh Machine makes a great finish with again Judas Priest inspired power metal and especially Kleber Mandrake sings in a way that Rob Halford could only approve of. Only sad thing about this album is that it only has 8 songs, much more would have been welcomed.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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