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On disc: Anagnorisis

Beyond All Light - Lars Bjørn - 3 stars

Beyond All Light

Beyond All Light
(self-released - 2013)

To follow up on previously 2 EPs and 2 demos and their debut full-length comes this so called full-length album of 6 songs. Primitive black death metal with inspiration from gothic metal. Anagnorisis means the moment where you make a gruesome discovery, but their many fans makes that discovery on the bands current in USA where they splash the new material in the faces of their fans. I think that the vocal performance on this album could have been more charismatic, but it's not, the music should have more talented, but still not good enough. Of the new 6 songs there is a ray of hope in Eulerian Path which is aggressive power metal with a good and long passage of symphonic metal. Next song to widen the horizon is Death Mimics Life where the gothic power metal gets lots of attention. To be direct: shape up the sound, and use your talent more constructively, you have been around for 10 years, come on with some good music, blackened death metal welcome, but do it with style.

3 stars

Lars Bjørn


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