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In Words: Airrace

- Laurie Mansworth - July 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© Airrace

Laurie Mansworth - July 14th 2011 (by email)

Some might knew Airrace from the 80's, now they are back. Time to talk to Laurie Mansworth to learn a bit more about the 'new' Airrace.

Airrace's debut was released 1984 and about a year later the band was disbanded. You reunited for a show, the 25th anniversary of your debut album. How was it to be back together?

It felt great! In fact better than before. We all had allot more experience and the band was sounding better than ever so it was very exciting.

The original line-up played some shows as far as I know, but then Airrace had to undergo some line-up changes... What's the reason for it?

Jason Bonham was only intending to play for a few shows and Toby Sadler lives in Germany so it wasn't possible for him to constantly travel to the UK for gigs. We all keep in touch.

When did you start writing the songs for Back To The Start? Have you picked up some ideas from the early days? Have there been any left-overs?

Yes, we used some old material that we re-wrote. Also we wrote about four brand new songs. It took us about a year to complete the writing and recording of Back To The Start.

How do you write songs? Is it swapping files or working in the rehearsal room?

Most of my writing is done in the studio, which is in my house. Then usually Keith will come along and listen to the track and write lyrics to it.

When and where did you record Back To The Start?

We did most of it at the studio in my house in Cambridge and we recorded the drums and mixed at Steve Harris's studio with Tony Newton.

Some songs show similarities to stuff which was released in the late 80's... Do you still enjoy music of that time?

Yes, I do still like some of the stuff from that era, but I must say that I prefer modern day production. I wasn't a great fan of how some of the 80's records sounded. It was the start of electric drums.

At Call Me Anytime is a vocal passage which sounds quite familiar... Sounds to me like Michael Jackson's Billy Jean, even if just for a brief moment. Do you listen to pop music sometimes?

Very good observation, but don't tell anybody! LOL! Yes, I do like pop music especially when its well written. Some of the greatest songs written are pop songs.

What music do you listen to these days? And who inspired you to become a musician?

My two hero's of all time are Jeff Lynne and Angus Young. I still listen to a lot of ELO and AC/DC.

Which song(s) would you like to do a video for?

Call Me Anytime, it's my favorite song on the album.

Are you already working on some live shows? A tour? Or is it too early to talk about?

We are hoping to tour very soon. We are itching to get back out on the road.

When you started in the 80's it was a different world, these days the Internet is an important tool and social networking is getting bigger. Pleasure or pain for you?

I think it is a pleasure. Communication is a good thing and with the internet it's much easier to organize tours etc. I remember breaking down in France in the middle of nowhere in the early 80's before mobile phones. I think we were there for about three days before someone found us!

What are your plans for the rest of 2011?

I manage my sons band The Treatment, I will be touring with them in Europe and hopefully some shows with Airrace too. So all good!

Many thanks

Laurie Mansworth

Claudia Ehrhardt


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