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On stage: AC/DC

- AC/DC - Mar. 2009 - Düsseldorf (D) -

- AC/DC - March, 7th 2009 - Düsseldorf (D), ISS Dome -

An AC/DC concert is always something special? I guess that's what the fans would say, who left satisfied after the concert. But let's take a closer look! There is something to criticize, even if after some beer you might forget it...

Let's start with the bus shuttle service to the venue, it worked out very well - and also after the concert!
I missed the opener The Answer, coz I had an expensive beer! A 0,4 l beer for 6 Euro incl. 2 Euro refund for the AC/DC cup - in red or black - and at the entrance area you also got an AC/DC pitcher (1 litre) for 12,50 Euro.
Btw, when you go to a concert at ISS Dome make sure they fill up the cups, coz they try to fool you! And not just when you order beer, also soft drinks!
Okay, the venue is a cool modern one and not too big. Especially interesting when bigger bands play, coz then you won't be too far from the stage. We were lucky and had seats opposite the stage and so it was like watching it at a big screen.
Now let's talk about the concert itself! AC/DC surely getting older, but they still deliver a good show. Not that I was looking for them, but I recognized 3 times that they goof-off... Well, it's AC/DC not Dream Theater, but it was a surprise, coz its said that they work like a clockwork... It was cool that they played 5 tracks of the new album - Runaway Train, War Machine, Black Ice, Anything Goes, Big Jack - especially as in the past they didn't played that many new tunes when they were promoting their latest piece of work.
What surprised me was the atmosphere which was only so-so... Sure, there been enthusiastic fans, but from my seat I could see that only the first rows were partying. And there even was a moshpit in front of the stage, but the seated fans were less enthusiastic. Right before us were 4 fans who played dead - incidentally we pushed them a bit and they turned and stared at us like we were aliens...
It was a cool evening anyway, partly due to the big screens next to the stage and the visual gimmicks - they showed the covers, Blow up Rosie was sexier than ever before; Angus is still spinning on a platform - and his striptease (taking off his shirt) is kinda cute... Beside that the service at the venue was good. The sound was okay, but not excellent and later in the show the vocals got more and more problems to keep up against the wall of guitars. Half time through the show a sound tech came to the opposite side of the stage to analyze the sound with a computer to improve the sound. Very cool!
Resume: The show was fun and the organization was good, so it was worse the money - and luckily they aren't touring every year, time to save some money. ;)
I bet the Dortmund show - next Sunday - will be better, the venue is much bigger and usually the concerts there are killer.

Frank Stephan
(guest writer)


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