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On disc: A Vanishing Self

Mirrors - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars


(self-released - 2011)

I can't tell you much about the French, A Vanishing Self is coming from Toulouse and their EP Mirrors can be downloaded for free. Just head over to the bands website.

The open with Cold Mirrors, a modern rocker with a dash of grunge. Okay, the sound can't keep up with a professional production, but is quite good. Even if personally I would like the vocals a bit more up-front... The song surprisingly stops, like someone just pushed stop before it's really over... Strange. The following Dogma Vox is based on heavy riffs, this time they add some growls to differ a bit. The grunge elements is less obvious, therefor they add some electro sound elements. A modern mix of sounds, but not easily accessible. At Eros Collapsed a vocal passage is a bit RHCP-like, at least 90's inspired. At Gravity Divides the harsh shouts / growls are back. Sure, it adds some heaviness, but is also seems out of place - at least to me. The closer is called Spiral, this time they start melodic, get heavier but without going to the extremes. Actually I think A Vanishing Self needs to make up their mind what they really want to do, coz it won't be easy with this sound mix.

Well, the songs aren't bad, but the mix will make it difficult to make friends. But who knows everything goes in circles, so perhaps grunge and neo metal is coming back... Open-minded fans of grunge and neo metal should give is a try. It's a free download, so don't hesitate!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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