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On disc: Angband

Saved From The Truth - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars

Saved From The Truth

Saved From The Truth
(Pure Underground Records - 2012)

Angband is the Islamic metal at its best, they are from Iran but have the sights aimed at Western music, but still their roots are musically very much in the Iranian folk metal, as it's hard for them really to break free from that musical tradition. It gives however a very interesting kind of metal filled with feelings, drums and culture from their Islamic upbringing. Charming metal from Angband, and not something you hear everyday, so give it a try. Ashkan Yasdani sings like he was vocalist at a folk metal band, and I think this is the closest we come to find their musical genre, but in the case of Angband there is a lot of heavy guitars that makes the style rough and heavy hand in hand with the Islamic touch the music is based on. Seasons Of My Pain get things going with hard guitars and a special but great rhythm, almost Arabic inspired at times. Man Of The New Time focus on the traditional drums but also gives the heavy guitars plenty of room to make this song very interesting. The title song Saved From The Truth is going in a doom metal direction and still with the drums as the dominating instrument. On the song Persia we again get Arabic inspired metal drums and guitars but the heavy metal that flows from the speakers have a sound that are so special that you almost gets the chills when listening. It's not only in the Western countries metal are played, but also from Islamic regions, it's just different.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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