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On disc: Agnostic

Morbid Embracement - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Morbid Embracement

Morbid Embracement
(Cyber-Tree - 2012)

The band from India is finally releasing their debut album, it has been with great anticipation to see what the death metallers from Guwahati, India could do. Their songs are short and old school death metal in their appearance, inspired by Sepultura and Deicide amongst others. One Final Mutilation is speeding like hell, but the structure in the song is too simple to hit the metal target. Submerge In Gore gets the attacks flowing with good melodic ideas and even the growls are forcing directly as an instrument of its own. The general impression is that the drums are very dominant in Agnostic, and on the song Acrisia the drums are overwhelming. The song is slower than the others but it sets the order of the agenda with the bastard growls to mark the direction of the song. Morbid Embracement has a forceful rhythm of good old school death metal and even the drums hammers the hole in the walls, the song will be a milestone for Agnostic. Blood Ridden Epitaph has a little more advanced ground rhythm with fine aggression, and a guitar solo that gives the song an ultimate boost. The last song is called Beneath The Frozen Depth, a different type of music with growling storytelling, acoustic with sweet and soft construction. A very interesting debut from Agnostic, and more death metal from them is highly welcome.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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