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On stage: Aerosmith

- Aerosmith - April 2007 - Mexico City (Mex) -

- April 22nd 2007 - Mexico City (Mex), Foro Sol -

For the first time since 1994 Aerosmith came to Mexico City again. April 22nd was the day and in the morning the sun was shining and the heat were like a karma for the concert, but at 4:00 PM the sky get cloudy and as you can imagine it started to rain. But the real rock fans were still running to find their sits and of course the beer sellers!!!.
A Mexican group called La Cuca were opening act - I hate those guys -, with their 'famous' song Señorita cara de pizza (means Miss Pizza-face). I didn't recognize the rest of the songs, but they also played a song called La pucha asesina (~The killer pussy). Well, Mexican people were jumping and screaming for the songs of this guys. I was just drinking and drinking and waiting for Aerosmith.
At 9:00 PM the lights of Foro Sol were turned off. The stage had 3 huge screens where we could see a video of the Earth and a collage of all the videos and songs of Aerosmith. Then we saw the Earth again and the camera started to move over America and then an incredible zoom get directly over the Foro Sol - and the first notes of Love In An Elevator came out of the speakers. They played a lot of their gratest hits like Sweet Emotions, Dude (Looks Like A Lady), Livin' On The Edge and then it was the 'honey-time' - as I called it - and they played Crying, Crazy and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. The three songs together at once!!!! Man, I really started to go sleep with those three songs! They have a lot better ones than these!
I think that one of the best albums of Aerosmith is Honkin On Bobo - a great Blues album - and I was expecting more songs of that album. They only played two songs of it and the poeple started to sit down!!! Can you believe it?? Well, the song Stop Messin' Around was sung by Joe Perry, a great blues tune where he showed us that he is one of the best rock guitar players these days. Then they played Dream On and the concert ends. Of course we started to shout "otra, otra" (~sing one more) and they came back and played Walk This Way - and the concert was over.
It was rainy, the sound was bad, but the people were great - and the band rocked!!!!

Astaroth Sammael

Astaroth Sammael

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