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On disc: Axevyper

Axevyper - Umberto Mino - 8 stars
Angeli d'acciaio - Umberto Mino - 7 stars


Angeli d'acciaio

Angeli d'acciaio
(My Graveyard Production - 2011)

After a short time from their debut album, Axevyper's comeback Angeli d'acciaio is a surprise for many people, but not for they die-hard fans. This new EP (only 500 copies) is a genuine homage to heavy metal in Italian language! Yesss Italian!!! Most of us (including myself) are convicted that English is the best language for this kind of music, but how many time we listen to bands that sing in their mother tongues like Sodom, Loudness etc etc??? Not so much, but his time we have the opportunity to listen to a bunch of songs (new ones, cover versions and re-arranged tracks) in this new version.
Re della luce (King Of Light) opens this EP with his epic riff and his catchy chorus, a cool song, a perfect opener!! Vergine stygia is another epic song built from another furious riff and a perfect rhythm symmetry made for head banging!!! A great song, especially in their live shows....
Siamo sempre noi (We Are What We Are) is a song about them, a biographic song that describes themselves and their way of life. Axevyper is the same song as on their CD, but in this new EP with Italian lyrics. Ombre bianche (White Shadows) is another tribute to the epic sound of bands like Omen and Cirith Ungol. Angeli d'acciaio is the cover version of Heavy Load's classic tune Heavy Metal Angels, here with Italian lyrics. Oltre la marea is a sort of experiment, the music is from the Axevyper song, the lyrics are completely re-written by the old Sabotage singer Giancarlo Fontani and who sings together with the band's lead singer Fils.
If anyone of you is interested at this new experimental EP, please contact for any details.... Remember only 500 copies are available!!

7 stars

Umberto Mino



(My Graveyard Production - 2010)

Debut album for this Italian band born in 2009 from the ashes of Assedium, band of the lead singer Luca 'Fils' and guitar player Guido. After Assedium split up, they decided to make a new band where old school American metal (Manilla Road, Omen etc etc) and fun can be assembled in one unity, and after the recruiting of Damiano on the other guitar, Andrea on bass guitar and Filippo 'Butch' on drums their musical dreams are now available on this CD on My Graveyard Production. The sound is really basic and dynamic like an old school must be, and these less than 41 minutes prove their faith in old school.
First episode of this brand new band / CD is Revenge Of The Axe and from the title everyone of you listener can't be bang your heads, Rats In The Walls simply made no prisoners and the next Poserkiller is here to remind to us our way of life (Manowar-like). Immortal Steel, an epic title for an epic track where the lead vocals are made by actual Omen singer George Call, first special guest, and in fact this song cold be written by Kenny Powell, Roadster has another guest: Tann from the band Ironsword that divide the lead vocals with Fils for this energetic raw song!!
Axevyper (the song) is simply fantastic with his chorus created for make the crowd sing along the band's name, Bad Italian Boys show to the people the bands attitude and Faster Than The Law is like you imagine.... fast and raw!!! The last two songs of this debut CD are Forever Young, a raw diamond of pure metal the irresistible Non finita qui,one of the greatest metal songs ever with Italian lyrics!!!!
Well done boys, I love your CD, but from the next I want more because you are a comet, you could be a star!!!
If you need more info about them please visit their MySpace!

8 stars

Umberto Mino


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