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On disc: Adagio

- Sanctus Ignis - Monika Schmidt - 9 stars
- Sanctus Ignis - Katja Henning - 10 stars

Sanctus Ignis

Sanctus Ignis
(LMP - 2001)

Someone told me to check this French band out, if I like Symphony X - and I like Symphony X! So, I picked up a copy at my favorite record store and couldn't really wait to get home to listen to Sanctus Ignis. The French song-writer / guitarist Stephan FortÚ and bassist Franck Hermanny teamed up with Pink Cream 69 singer David Readman, keyboarder Richard Andersson (Majestic) and Elegy drummer Dirk Bruinenberg for this album. They are high class and in a way the European Symphony X.
It's no surprise that there are classically influenced melodies and elements - something Richard Andersson showed at Majestic albums -, but it sounds fresh in combination with double-bass attacks and heavy riffs. David Readman's vocals fit great to the progressive sound of Adagio. At In Nomine... the baroque elements are thrilling, but the long ones like Seven Lands Of Sin and Panem Et Circenses show that they are only a step away from Symphony X. But compared with the Americans debut they can keep up, but it might take a bit to get the level they have these days.
Very interesting is the instrumental version of the Led Zeppelin classic Immigrant Song.
Not just fans of Symphony X will like Adagio, also fans of symphonic, progressive metal should give it a try.

9 stars

Monika Schmidt

Sanctus Ignis

Sanctus Ignis
(LMP - 2001)

The album was released in France through NTS a while ago and now we finally got this album, too. If you don't like Symphony X, stop reading now! But if you are into bands like Symphony X, then you'll like this band! For the powerful production Pink Cream 69 bassist Dennis Ward was responsible. A church organ, strings, heavy guitars and a tight rhythm section - fast ans straight forward.
Next to Avantasia and Kamelot one of this years highlights! I would like to recommend you a track or two, but well.... Just pick anyone. No fillers, all killers! Well done!!!!

10 stars

Katja Henning

(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)

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