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On disc: Antimatter

Alternative Matter - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Alternative Matter

Alternative Matter
(Prophecy Productions - 2010)

Mick Moss is Antimatter and now he's celebrating the bands 10th anniversary with Alternative Matter. The double-CD offers live versions, acoustic versions, remixes, even some new versions and even more!
Antimatter kick off with Black Sun, a Dead Can Dance tribute, not the typical way to start into an album, but Antimatter is unusual in many ways. But on the other hand this songs will hook you up and will take you into the universe of Antimatter. Fans will find some really interesting alternative versions and might discover a new facet of Antimatter, and for fans of dark ambient rock it's a fantastic way to get a first impression. The acoustic versions show songs like The Art Of A Soft Landing stripped down and so they get even more intense. And the melancholy tunes get even more beautiful in their sadness. While Saviour is showing them with electro sounds, the new songs are less electronic but very atmospheric tunes. Duncan Patterson's remix of Terminal invites you to get lost in reverie. It's amazing how homogenous the album sounds, even as it covers 10 years and shows different facets of Antimatter. One of my favorites is Flowers - I prefer the new version -, this song is touching. Another highlight is Everything You Know Is Wrong. But I think everybody will pick different songs as their highlights, so it's more a matter of taste. Anyway, a great way to celebrate their 10th anniversary!
For the fans Mick Moss has something special, a 4-disc art book edition which is strictly limited. The art book has additionally a DVD with a documentation and 2 video clips, an EP with songs Mick Moss first considered to add to Alternative Matter and lots of photos. So if you want something special, be quick and get the art book edition!

CD 1:

Black Sun (Dead Can Dance tribute)
The Art Of A Soft Landing (acoustic, enhanced)
Far Away (live)
Saviour (Reel To Reel demo)
Landlocked (Mick Moss remix)
In Stone (acoustic, enhanced)
Epitaph (new version)
Terminal (Duncan Patterson remix)
Mr White (live)
Flowers (new version)
Expire (Lackluster remix)

CD 2:

God Is Coming (Duncan Patterson remix)
Everything You Know Is Wrong (acoustic, enhanced)
A Portrait Of The Young Man (enhanced)
Flowers (acoustic)
Holocaust (Reel To Reel demo)
The Art Of A Soft Landing (4 track demo)
Expire (Atrabilis Sunrise remix)
Over Your Shoulder (acoustic)
Dream (4 track demo)
Lost Control (acoustic, enhanced)
Epitaph (orchestral mix)

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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