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On disc: Amoral

- Reptile Ride - Daniel Biehl - 7 stars

Reptile Ride

Reptile Ride
(Spinefarm - 2007)

Technical death metal - this is what describes Amoral's album Reptile Ride best. The 9 tracks will crush your bones! Be aware!
If you listen to the guitars you know right away what the production aimed at! Variety and speed are what counts on this CD, no riff is like the other. And that makes listening to the album very interesting. If you do listen to the whole album, you will like it! Precise punctuation and fast double bass drumming combined with aggressiveness and strong vocals show the technical aspect of Amoral's music very well. But its the melodic solos which draw the listeners attention to the songs. Fans of death metal la Cannibal Corpse and co. will find the songs too melodic. Leave Your Dead Behind, Hang Me High, Few And Far Between and D-Drop Bop are more charismatic while the others are more melodic. No slow tunes to soften the impression. Surprising breaks, unusual riffs and changing atmospheres are the strong point of every song. The listener has to expect twists and turns every moment, but they manage to present well structured and harmonic tunes. A bit strange to me it Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fun. This instrumental is as confusing as its title! Even if its well played, I wonder why there are no lyrics.... Without the lyrics there is no catchiness, even if the riffing is great. And so when after about 6 min. you get Pusher you are grateful for the added words. And with this song they go full circle.
If you like technical death metal, then you should get a copy of this CD! Check out: Nervasion, Mute, Few And Far Between and D-Drop Bop.

7 stars

Daniel Biehl (guest writer)
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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