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On disc: Alice In Chains

Black Gives Way To Blue - Umberto Mino - 7 stars

Black Gives Way To Blue

Black Gives Way To Blue
(Virgin - 2009)

Another boombastistic (for many media) return: Grunge's leading band Alice In Chains (from now AIC), the only band in the rock'n'roll mainstream that support in the same year Poison and Slayer!!!! Everyone knows what happened to this band and especially to their original singer Layne Staley, killed by an overdose....... But now the new album featuring the new singer William DuVall, singer from 2005 and I think known by the masses because he sang in many tours worldwide, in the stores. And we can appreciate, if AIC still are a metal band under a grunge mask (Tom Araya declaration) or if they fall down the major rules. I write this for a simple reason: at the title track Elton John plays piano!!!!
But anyway, after a first listening, the first (obvious) thing that is possible to say is that the musical spectrum of AIC is like always: acoustic, acid riffs, hypnotic vocal lines and, yes, fourteen years later they kick ass again. Mr DuVall is perfect in his not imitation of Layne, but I feel that him wants to put himself and his voice inside the AIC music labyrinth. From the first track All Secrets Known to the last Black Gives Way To Blue we can recognize the spirit, the style, the rage and everything that makes AIC not only a grunge icon, but the best band that came out from Seattle in the late 80's / early 90's - along with Nevermore!!!
C'mon people listen to this CD without any prejudice on grunge or any kind of music!!!

7 stars

Umberto Mino


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