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On disc: Alltheniko

Millennium Re-Burn - Umberto Mino - 8 stars
Back in 2066 - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Back in 2066

Back In 2066
(Pure Steel Records - 2012)

With a futuristic cover on the album the scene is really set for a return in 2066, but the music from Alltheniko goes in the other direction, old school metal with roots in the heavy metal found in the 80's. Anyway, they are hard and tough in their performance, and deliver their songs with a push from a dozen of fists with energy directly to their fans. Very high vocal level from bass player and singer David Nightflight gives a solid foundation for Alltheniko but I have to say that their songs are not too different in their structure, so the songwriting seems to have gone painless, but a little more spread out influences would not have hurt this album. On the positive side is the will Alltheniko have in whatever they do, nothing is halfhearted in their performance. Struggle Till The Sunset is a fine example of a standard heavy metal song turned fantastic, simply because the drumming gets a leading role in the thunderous attack they deliver. Will The Night also serves this drumming madness in a style old school metal is known for, heavy metal that takes control. Riders To Rouen fires the smoke with a hard fist of power metal that are played clean and bombastic, a song that could make a difference in the competition with other bands. Back From The Other Side may be a standard metal song, but the bite and energy simply brings it closer to the top of aggressive metal, a typical song you want to neglect, but it just stay with you and rises in intensity. So an interesting new album from Alltheniko after all.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


Millennium Re-Burn

Millennium Re-Burn
(My Graveyard Productions - 2011)

Alltheniko is an Italian band, and this new Millennium Re-Burn is their third album at My Graveyard label. Alltheniko are well known in their country for their solid without compromises thrash sound, but this new CD offer us a new side of this power trio!!! This Millennium Re-Burn is still thrash and furious with some episodes of 'thinkable metal music'. A sound not so fast, but still heavy and well played and an example of this expression is the song No More Fear where the lyrics are inspired by Dante Alighieri's Divina commedia. In some ways this musical maturity reminds me Sepultura during the Chaos A.D. period, where their sound became slow but heavier!!!!
But anyway, let's talk about this CD that starts with the usual intro and immediately Spirit Of The Highway will burn our speakers!!! In some ways this song remind me the Raven of the '80s. No More Fear is still a great song, a true metal anthem with a particular special guest: Gord Kirchin from The Exalted Piledriver that sings in Italian!!!!! Harold (Will Survive) has a solid riff, loud as hell drums, a real killer mid-tempo tune. Metal Lord is simply a declaration of love to their musical influences, a serenade to who create this music! The Inner Self is a trip inside ourselves, where a catchy chorus will penetrate in our minds and make this song one of the best episodes of this CD! Army Of Nerds is return to their thrash roots, Hide In The Dark will follow the musical traces of the first tracks of this album, and for me is the best song on this CD. In The Name Of The Cross is the other track where the lyrics are influenced by Dante Alighieri, and this is another killer song with breaks and time changes!!!
Broken Wings is another killer mid-tempo with an epic sound structure, and the last song Re-Burn closes this album in an excellent way - fast and heavy!!!
An album well done,well played and my congratulations to Joe Boneshaker (guitars, keyboards), Luke The Idol (drums) and Dave Nightflight (bass and voice) for the their Will Of Change.....

8 stars

Umberto Mino


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