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On disc: Acid Drinkers

Fishdick Zwei - The Dick is Rising Again - Mike Thompson - 3 stars

Fishdick Zwei - The Dick is Rising Again

Fishdick Zwei - The Dick is Rising Again
(Mystic Production - 2010)

With this album Polish crossover thrash maniacs Acid Drinkers present an album full of covers of both metal and well-known popular songs. I hesitate to use the word classics as most of these songs fall very short of that mark in my opinion, but hey, everyone loves a good metalized cover of a dodgy pop song, right? Right?
So lets take a look at what is presented here. First up is a punked-up cover of Ring Of Fire. This is an exceptional cover of the well-loved Johnny Cash song and undoubtedly the highlight of the album. What follows next ranges from amusing to irritating to downright sickening crap that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Lets take a look at some of the highlights shall we? The Iron Maiden instrumental Los'fer Words (Big 'Orra) is not one of the British legend's best songs so that makes it an unusual choice for a cover. However, that doesn't matter as Acid Drinkers only play a short excerpt from it anyway. A whole 25 seconds to be exact. My mind just screamed 'WHY?'.
Ok, next culprit, how about a cover of one of the most banal and irritating songs in music history, The B52's Love Shack. This is worse than Children Of Bodom's cover of Oops I Did It Again. I mean really, some songs should just be confined to the dustbin of history and Love Shack is one of them. Even a good cover of this song would have been dire and yet Acid Drinkers' version is just about true to the original. By this point my expectations for this album had plummeted through the floor and it just kept getting worse. And worse. And worse. And worse. I don't even care if this is supposed to be a light-hearted album. Its not funny, its certainly not clever, its just crap.
Well, if you want to hear appalling covers of appalling songs and decent metal songs ruined then this album is definitely for you. If you ever see it for 50p in a bargain bin then it's worth it for the Johnny Cash song. Apart from that avoid like the plague!

3 stars

Mike Thompson


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