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On disc: AndrOmedA

Melodías del Ocaso Perdido - Mike Thompson - 7 stars
Delirio (single) - Mike Thompson - 5 stars

Delirio (single)

Delirio (single)
(self-released - 2009)

AndrOmedA hail from that well-known metal bastion of Guatemala. Ok, I was joking, its not well known at all, but this melodic power metal quintet are in fact from that small Central American country.
The sound is very typical of a lot of South American bands, especially in the vocals provided by Adrián Méndez, with whom I can see a very strong similarity with Brazilian band Tuatha de Danann's Bruno Maia. Its quite a warm sounding voice, quite deep with occasional stretches into higher pitched territory.
There are two songs on this single. The first, Delirio, is a straightforward melodic rocker, typically mid-paced with some nice controlled guitar work towards the end which really raise the song above what would otherwise be a very average track. Its easy on the ears, one could almost say radio friendly but its quite enjoyable. The thing that I do love about it is the very audible bass line, something which a lot of European bands tend to push too low in the mix for my liking.
The second track, Detuve el Tiempo, is an instrumental track led by a nice piano and keyboard intro. The song was originally included with vocals on the 2008 album Melodías del Ocaso Perdido and to be perfectly honest the lack of vocals probably makes it better. It is a very slow track and quite touching in a way but at the same time yet again there is something that is missing. Not enough guitars perhaps? On the original version there is some nice lead guitar work leading out of the song, but here the song ends just as the guitars start. On the first track the lead guitars made the song and I feel that they would have done the same here had they been included more in this version.
Overall I don't think this is AndrOmedA pushing themselves to their limits. Both tracks are very nice, safe songs which I feel act like a very gentle introduction to the band more than showing what they are truly capable. I certainly hope this is the case anyway!

5 stars

Mike Thompson


Melodías del Ocaso Perdido

Melodías del Ocaso Perdido
(self-released - 2008)

This album marks the third full-length release from this Guatemalan five-piece. The cover art is very a-typical for power metal because instead of battles or fantasy themes it shows a beautiful picture of a sunrise. This is actually a very good choice of cover art as it really defines the overall feel of the album. It's laid back, almost the very definition of how I picture Central and South America with its hot weather and many siestas!
The first thing I have to say about the music on this album is that its typically very melodic power metal. There are few out and out fast power metal songs on here with most being laid back, mid-paced songs. This isn't to say that the songs are bad, far from it in fact. This album is very relaxing and I can well imagine sitting outside on a hot summer's day with a glass of ice cold cider in my hand listening to this!
What real rockers there are on this album are pretty good. The band's eponymous song especially is a real balls out rocker with a lovely galloping bass line and one of Adrián Méndez's better performances on the album. Hacia el Mar too is a fine example of well done power metal and probably one of the albums heaviest tracks, with some great double bass drumming, chugging guitar riffs and a nice fast solo.
In fact I would have to say the strongest point about this whole album is the guitar work. I'm not trying to say that the guitarists are absolutely breath-taking Yngwie Malmsteen style virtuosos, but the brilliance is that every guitar solo fits the song perfectly.
Having already heard the instrumental version of Detuve el Tiempo (Te Esperaré) on the 2009 single Delirio I would say that I prefer it without vocals, but this version has the better ending to what is generally a run-of-the-mill ballad as the guitars, those wonderful guitars, see the song out.
Adrián Méndez's vocal performance on this album is unfortunately rather hit and miss. On some tracks his singing is spot on and really suited but in other songs, such as Dunas del Mal the vocals sound akin to several cats being strangled at once.
Overall, I quite enjoyed this album and its worth putting up with some of the weak vocals as you get to hear what guitar solos should be. I love that I'm currently sitting here with snow covering the garden outside my window and yet this album made me feel like I was on a beach with a cold beer and the hot Guatemalan sun caressing my face.

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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