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On disc: Amity In Fame

Through - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars


(Graviton Music Service - 2012)

Psychedelic rock is still alive and presented by Amity In Fame just as they did on their first album Dinner For One, and now it's time for their follow up record, Through. Odd titles and odd music, but they have found their niche with soft mainstream rock that is slow and quiet in a way that almost makes the listener fall asleep. But genuine rock that fits great when you want some soft music in the car, or just want to relax and don't have lots of energy for head banging. Only problem for Amity In Fame is that their songs are so slow it gets boring and drained in a way that could make it difficult to attract new fans. In my view the best song is When It Comes To An End, a sweet duet with Michael Bichler and Nadine Fambach where they bind the soft rock together in a very nice way. Amity In Fame do their stuff with style, and full praise for that.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


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