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On disc: Asteroid

II - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Fuzzorama Records - 2010)

Asteroid was founded in 2003 in Sweden as a stoner rock band, but on II - their sophomore release - they go back in time and present 70's rock with psychedelic elements, but stoner rock elements are still there. The Swedish take you onto a sonic journey back to the 1970's. The trio opens up with Garden, a true 70's rocker and the tune get this authentic feeling due to the production's warm sound. But it's not just the sound, it's also the jam parts. Due to Robin Hirse's vocals Karma will win you over, but actually all songs an a high level and you won't find a filler! The slow riffs, the groove and the retro sound make this album a treat for fans of psychedelic 70's rock, even if they added some jazzy elements and space sounds. But also some bluesy sounds are woven into the Asteroid sound. If you are still a hippie, then this will be a treat for you! Songs like Towers bring back the hippie age, back then one would take some pills, some weed or take some magic mushrooms to experience the music in more then one way, but you don't have to be high to enjoy this album!
The Swedish threesome aren't presenting something new, they take us back in time, but everybody who loves this kind of sound won't be disappointed by Asteroid! This album will hit your sound universe like a heavy rock, beware of Asteroid!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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