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On disc: Axenstar

Aftermath - Umberto Mino - 7 stars


(IceWarrior Records - 2011)

After five years of silence, Axenstar's fifth album is in the stores right now!!! This Swedish metal machine, after the long break, wont' stop !!! With their producer Pelle Saether and a great instrumental performance, this new Aftermath will be very soon a favorite pick of all the power metal fans. From the first track Dogs Of War we can appreciate how power metal must be done. Double bass drums, catchy vocal melodies, a wall of sound created by guitars and keyboards.... well done!! The Escape is classic mid -tempo power metal with some accelerated parts, very nice for great head banging, the next track Tears Of The Sun is following the musical lines (good mid-tempo). Agony is a song marked his guitar arpeggio at the begin, but this song will offer his best part during the solo. The title-track is a dynamic duel of guitar and keyboards, and the following track A New Breed offer us another side of this band, a little darker, a little melancholy...... Dead Kingdom is the melodic and gothic side of Axenstar universe, where our minds will travel, Until Your Dying Breath is the lowest episode of this good album and Signs Of A Lie is one of the fastest tracks of this album, one of the highlights!!! Forever The Pain close this album very very well, a good track at the end of this nice record!!!
Magnus Witerwild, Joackim Jonsson, Adam Lindberg and Jens Klovegard...... Good job, guys!!

7 stars

Umberto Mino


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