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On disc: Altaria

Unholy - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars


(Escape Music - 2009)

The four Finnish guys from Altaria are now presenting their 4th studio album Unholy. They kick off with Alterior Motive, a song which reminds me of Pretty Maids... But Marco Luponero don't have the charisma of Ronny Atkins. But you can also find some neo-classical elements and a sing along chorus. A mid-tempo rocker with a stomping beat is Warrior... Again they kinda go back to the 80's, this time Marco's vocals partly have a dash of Mat Sinner... The first songs aren't bad, but I miss originality. Pride & Desire almost sounds like a song from Sinner's Dangerous Charm album... With acoustic guitar they lead you into The Lake, a balladesque rocker. Danger Zone was the title of a Sinner album, but this one is closer to Pretty Maids. With Steal Your Thunder they show that American hard rock bands influenced them as well. The guitar riffing of Underdog is Accept-like... But the song also has other elements, incl. a slow acoustic passage.
Altaria know how to play, but the songs lack originality. It seems they been through their favorite albums to find inspiration. If that's enough these days, I doubt. Especially as at the same time Outloud release an 80's metal album and even if you find reminiscences there as well, they do much better. Check out Altaria's Unholy Invasion, Pride & Desire and We Own The Fire. At the end it's a matter of taste - and money.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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