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On disc: Attention Deficit

- The Idiot King - Amir Djawadi - 4 stars

The Idiot King

The Idiot King
(Magna Carta - 2001)

Many might forget about Attention Deficit, coz since they released their debut back in 1998 a few years passed by. Now we have 2001 and Attention Deficit present their 2nd album. The album origin mostly during the strange presidential election in the USA. I guess, you remember it!    ;-)
And so they wanted to pick up this surrealistic event. Beside that the album of the three-some comes to live through the large variety of influences of the musicians. So they not just copy other artists, they create their own sound.
On the current release are 11 instrumental tracks, the band thinks that without lyrics the listener has a larger spectrum for interpretations. A progression is obvious when you compare the debut with The Idiot King. Several reasons made this progression happen. On one hand bassist Michael Manring made new experiences and got fresh impressions, on the other hand drummer Tim Alexander was travelling through the endless worlds of rhythm and made new experiences. Last, but not least guitarist Alex Skolnick who got more and more interested into jazz and fusion. He expand his abilities in this genres and the stylistic change of interest can be found on this CD.
Again some very talented musicians came together to make music and the result is - again - a musical opus which in it's entirety isn't a easy digestibility and so it will be mostly welcome by other musicians who can appreciate this piece of music.
And so the usual mainstream music listener will be overtaxed by the high standard of the compositions, but I think that these listeners are their target group. It has nothing to do with categorization, but who is looking for some easy listening music to enjoy after work, is definitely wrong here! And it wouldn't be fair to the musicians, coz from these listeners they would just get harsh critics.

4 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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