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On disc: Attick Demons

Atlantis - Umberto Mino - 8 stars


(Pure Steel Records - 2011)

First of all I want to introduce this Portuguese band, that came at their first full-length CD after tons of demo tapes and one EP through 15 years of career. Attick Demons will be beloved by many people like me that were disappointed by the last Iron Maiden albums. This is a return to the old school, a return to a place that the most influential bands of these 3 decades left many years ago. Usually I don't believe so much in what the labels write about their bands, were everyone could me like the new Priest or the new big sensation, but this time Pure Steel Records give us the truth about Attick Demons, a band that deserve your attention guys!!!! This band is not a joke, this band will drive you crazy and they're not a simple new sensation and guests like Paul DiAnno and Ross the Boss are here to confirm how good they are.

This Atlantis starts with Back In Time, simply a track that is impossible to hate and next one the title track will blow your speakers with a virtual duet between Paul DiAnno and the Dickinson-style of Artur Almeida and the great solo of Mr. Funicello aka Ross the Boss!!!! City Of Golden Gates is not only a great song, but a gym for Mr Almeida's throat, a voice that in this track seems really the new Dickinson!!!!! The Flame Of Eternal Knowledge is another perfect example of what Maiden don't do from decades, Riding The Storm is a good one, not so close to the old Maiden style, but a cool song with a catchy chorus!! Sacrifice starts with a melancholy piano and voice intro and soon will became one of the biggest tunes of this record!!!! Meeting The Queen is exactly what we called power ballad many years ago. In Memoriam is the Attick Demons version of epic metal and personally I like it a lot!!!! This nice CD is closed by Listen To The Fool, another full frontal attack driven by these guys from Lisbon that made so happy because I re-discovered my love for Iron Maiden that was dead!!!

One last advise: This is a buy-or-die CD!!!!!

8 stars

Umberto Mino


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