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On disc: Alien Ant Farm

- ANThology - Amir Djawadi - 6 stars


(New Noize - 2001)

Okay, Michael Jackson isn't the No.1 in rock and alternative, but it seems that he has a certain appeal to the bands of the harder edged rock. Not really a surprise that Alien Ant Farm covered Smooth Criminal after The Bates did Billy Jean. I have to confess that the song is special, if you do add some heaviness and leave out the eunuch kinda vocals - both they did in their version - then this is becomes catchy tune!
Alongside there are 12 songs on the ANThology called album and the band don't hold back the energy they often showed when they played live. With the opening track Courage they go full speed ahead! Drummer Mike Cosgrove beats his musical companions to the limit with the help of bassist Tye Zamora. And Terry Corso's shredding guitar and the powerful, charismatic voice of Dryden Mitchell do their share. It never gets boring! The songs sound fresh and vivid and make your body rock with the rhythm. This sound will infect you!
The band is playing together for 5 years and they enjoy it. To give just one example for the fun factor of AAF is the name of their debut CD.... Greatest Hits!!! Cool, isn't it?!? Like I said before, the studio versions sound fresh and pure. If the quartet can transport that onto the stage... Wow!!!

? stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)



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