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On disc: José Andrea

- Donde El Corazón Te Lleve - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Donde El Corazón Te Lleve

Donde El Corazón Te Lleve
(Locomotive Music - 2004)

This is the first solo album of Mägo de Oz singer José Andrea and even if it's a decent album I'm a bit disappointed. José Andrea just offers cover versions of well-known rock and metal songs, musically they stick close to the original, just Andrea sing them in Spanish. As he worked mainly with members of his main band, I would have expected that they re-arrange them. At Tus Lágrimas No Besan Jose Andrea got joined by a female singer who takes over the second lead vocal part. Interesting, but here I definitely prefer the original. The Hammerfall cover surprise the listener when it starts with female vocals and it's one of the highlights of the album - this piano-based, orchestral version of Glory To The Brave. I can't tell if or how much he changed Siempre Estás Alli, coz I don't know this Baron Rojo song. But I hope he has, coz here he sticks to Spanish - the original language of the song. When I read the Spanish title of MSG's When I'm Gone, I'm not sure, if he kept the songs message... But I don't know enough Spanish to really judge that, at least the Spanish title differs from the original - as for some others, too. Some will probably like the version of To Be With You, but I feel just the intention to skip to the next track.... The variety of songs ranges from rock to heavy metal. The songs are well played, but still I don't get why releasing a cover album like this one. Only the last track isn't a cover version - as far as I know -, but it sounds familiar in a way... Perhaps some kind of traditional...
The songs are well performed and its interesting to hear them in a different language, but not really a must-have album. With Mägo de Oz José Andrea has nothing to proof anymore and usually a solo album is recorded to present songs which don't fit to the main band. I'm not sure, if a cover album is the right way to establish him as a solo artist, but perhaps that's not his intention anyway. No doubt fans of Mägo de Oz will surely buy this one, everybody else should check in to some songs and make up ones mind. Personally I prefer the original in most cases, but all songs are well played, so I have to add some points for this.

Track list:

Enganando Al Olvido (Heaven - Bryan Adams)
Lo Que Quiero Eres Tú (All I Want Is You - Paul Rodgers)
Tus Lágrimas No Besan (High Enough - Damn Yankees)
El Precio (The Price - Twisted Sister)
El Peso Del Alma (Glory To The Brave - Hammerfall)
Siempre Estás Alli (Siempre Estás Alli - Baron Rojo)
Aqui Estoy (Stone Cold - Rainbow)
El Dios De La Guerra (When I'm Gone - MSG)
En Tu Estrella (Always Somewhere - Scorpions)
El Mar De La Tranquilidad (Alone Again - Dokken)
En Las Olas De Tu Cintura (Love Conquers All - Deep Purple)
La Belleza Está En Tu Interior (To Be With You - Mr. Big)
Preguntale A Dios (Soldier Of Fortune - Deep Purple)
Donde El Corazón Te Lleve

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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