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On disc: Abandoned

- Thrash You! - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Thrash You!

Thrash You!

(Dockyard 1 - 2007)

When I hear 'Abandoned' I first think of a song - depending on my mood it's Chris Caffery's or Kamelot's Abandoned - and not of the German thrashers Abandoned, even if they are around since 1999. Soon after the guys started the band they recorded a demo and after many shows they finally got a deal and released their debut in 2006 - Thrash Notes.
Now they are back with Thrash You! - and take the listener on a trip to the Bay Area. The songs are all 80's thrash metal influenced, but singer / guitarist Eric Aldschmidt is not hitting the hight notes. On Visions Of Death - picked up for V.O.D. Reprise to lead out of the album - they combine a melodic guitar line with double-bass drum attacks and staccato riffs - and somehow this is interesting and strange at a time... Songs like Sands Of Time sound familiar. Too familiar, in my opinion, it sounds like I heard it before a thousand times. At Feel The Fire you can hear a reminiscence to the New Yorkers in the beginning, but I miss something... Especially the chorus seems a bit out of place... A neckbreaker with a hymn-like refrain, but... Repentance is a short instrumental piece which is all guitar. Not bad, but it seems not to fit here. Perhaps it would be better placed at the end of the album to lead out... A bit slower then the majority of songs is Too Blind To See, but it speeds up towards the end before returning to the main theme.
Thrash metal never been a very innovative music, but perhaps you should consider to change the drum beat next time... Almost the same drum beat on all tracks is exhausting. Guitar-wise no complains.
Some new stuff for thrash metal fans, but if this album will be able to stand the test of time - we have to wait and see. Fans of Testament, Exodus, Heathen and other Bay Area-thrashers should give it a try.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt

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