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On disc: X-Caliber

- Warriors Of The Night - Eamon O'Connor - 8 stars

Warriors Of The Night

Warriors Of The Night
(self-released - 1986)

Another private pressing from the US that sells for three digits then the decimal point. This is again another act that somehow got lost in the maze, perhaps missing a record deal to a party till you puke glam band or an ultra speeedy Slayer copy band back in the day. Truth be told, the material here is by and large not that far removed from Dokken on tracks as the opening cut Runaway - very similar to the Dokken hit Dream Warriors. Similarly Tell Me Why is a rousing rocker that also would fit well on say Under Lock And Key. The title track is the winner for me with its cool 80's spoken intro and its choppy riff heavy structure reminiscent of Malice and Armored Saint as does The Sword. I love the album art that classic 80's cover art. While this may not be as heavy as monster albums like Ample Destruction or Heavy Metal Maniac it possesses a definite charm similar to another US private pressing Silent Listener Veterans Of The Fight EP which also sells for 100+ Euro. X-Caliber succeded to win me over because I love all genres of 80's metal, if you can crank out To Hell With The Devil, Under Lock And Key and stuff like Licence To Kill and March Of The Saint then you should have ease in placing this band on your playlist

8 stars

Eamon O'Connor


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