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On stage: U.D.O.

- W.O.A. - Aug. 1999 - Wacken (D) -
- U.D.O., Raven & Trinity - Jan. 2000 - Solingen (D) -
- Metal Dayz - June 2000 - Pratteln (CH) -
- Bang-Your-Head - June 2000 - Balingen (D) -
- Mägo de Oz Fest - May 2007 - Mexico City (Mex) -
- AFM Records 15 Years Anniversary Festival - Nov. 2011 - Hamburg (D) -

- AFM Records 15 Years Anniversary Festival -
- November 26th 2011 - Hamburg (D), Markthalle -

At Vance - live in Hamburg

Mob Rules - live in Hamburg

Kissin' Dynamite - live in Hamburg

Kissin' Dynamite - live in Hamburg

Orden Ogan - live in Hamburg

U.D.O. - live in Hamburg

U.D.O. - live in Hamburg

The German recording company AFM Records celebrates their 15 years anniversary with a great show in Hamburg, where Markthalle open their doors to very good concerts, cozy atmosphere and perfect arranged metal shows. If the sun was not shining outside, it was surely shining inside in form of At Vance. They were good as a warm up band, and the experienced Germans had good contact with the crowd. A fine metal show where they also played new songs from their upcoming album.

Mob Rules. If you have never been to a concert with them before you might be frightened by the demon-like singer Klaus Dirks. He is the charismatic frontman of the German band where he has held the microphone since they began their career. The sound quality was in top, and the six guys gave their best in this brilliant concert where everybody in the crowd roared together with Mob Rules. Klaus Dirks is one of the most special singers I have seen for a long time, he is lean and can sneak around like nobody else, and as leader of Mob Rules he takes the crowd by storm.

Have you heard of Steel Of Swabia, or what about Addicted To Metal? These are the two records that Kissin' Dynamite already have released, and in the spring of 2012 there comes a new album from the new stars of Germany. When you look at them your first thought is that it is a cover band of Mötley Crüe, and the 19 year old singer Johannes Braun (Hannes) has the same industrial blond hair as Vince Neil, but here the similarities actually stop, because Kissin' Dynamite are better than Mötley Crüe if you ask me. 5 guys, 19-21 years of age, how can they be the best new band in Germany? Being at their concert gives the answer. Hannes Braun has a talent that no other teenage singers have, incredible what a sublime voice this youngster has, fantastic strong and long lasting. His stage show is also unique. Moving around like he was born on a stage, his brother Alde plays the guitar, also with capability to blow out the whole concert hall. Songs from both their albums filled the air, Love Me Hate Me, This Is Steel, Addicted To Metal, Super Sonic Killer and other good songs was performed in a way only they can do it. Fitty Wienhold from U.D.O. is convinced that Kissin' Dynamite is the metal future of Germany, and Udo Dirkschneider hired the youngsters from Kissin' Dynamite to be warm up band for U.D.O. for his next shows.

Then it was time for Voodoo Circle, maybe an anticlimax for Alex Beyrodt and Mat Sinner to perform after the talents from Kissin' Dynamite. Anyway Voodoo Circle mostly presented psychedelic rock like Deep Purple and later moving on powerful rock songs especially from their album Broken Heart Syndrome. They didn't have the contact with the crowd, and many fans walked away from their concert to get fresh air, a cigarette or whatever, but it was understandable because Voodoo Circle didn't do much to make the best impression. Not all concert can be at the same level, and Voodoo Circle was in the weaker end today.

Orden Ogan from Germany is known from many years of metal music, and the right attitude when playing. But today they were up against a bad sound quality, the speakers were having too much bass, so it disturbed the picture. But also Orden Ogan themselves were not completely on top. The stage show was a bit boring, not so much action, but their music is good. Their album Easton Hope has put new energy to their career and especially the We Are Pirates song where Majk Moti is performing as guest. In Hamburg they played their power metal from Easton Hope and they also presented their completely new song This World Of Ice.

Dark Age was next on the stage. Again almost half of crowd left the Markthalle concert hall to get something to drink or smoke. Shame because Dark Age tried to make the best impression of their death metal music. A decent show filled with energy from the Germans. The remnants of the crowd could enjoy their concert with The Dying Art Of Recreation as the top point from Dark Age.

At about 4 o'clock in the afternoon Udo and Stefan arrived to Markthalle, casually dressed in jeans and were having time to relax with the fans for metal conversations. They are not above their fans when it comes to socializing. When it comes to playing live they do it their own way. The other six bands who earlier performed on the stage was now swept off, the floor was prepared, all wires and other stuff vanished (U.D.O. plays with wireless equipment), the cover was taken away from the Jovino drum set and electric background show that U.D.O. used, and suddenly the stage area was doubled. There is difference between being number 1 and number 2, in this case the difference was very big. Now the lights were overwhelming, sound quality 100% perfect, U.D.O. was coming. Rev Raptor, Leatherhead and Screaming For A Love Bite was served by an inform Udo Dirkschneider and his guys. With these songs I am more and more convinced that Francesco Jovino is the right drummer for U.D.O. he is super professional and feels very much at home together with the band. Princess Of The Dawn was extra long today and was weaved into the following song I Give As Good As I Get. There was also room for a special version of Neon Nights, and a song that they not play so often anymore, Twofaced Woman. Stefan Kaufmann and Igor Gianola were having a little guitar duel as intro to Metalheart, and if that was not enough Udo used his blonde head to strike the guitar strings of Stefan's white guitar. Zugabe-screaming fans wanted more songs and got the good oldie I'm A Rebel, and after another small break they returned for the last song tonight, Balls To The Wall, that was changed a little from their usual way to perform it, but only for the better. The AFM Festival wasn't completely sold out, but a big success, and we can only congratulate on the 15 years.

Lars Bjørn


U.D.O., Raven & Trinity
- January 2000 - Solingen (Germany), Cobra -

The opening act of today was the Wuppertal-based band Trinity which offered a kind of power metal. It was no easy job, but the youngsters played a solid set, even if nobody seems to know them. Me, too! So I can't tell more about them...
And then the Raven landed! After they haven't been in Germany for awhile, it was great to have them back here! To listen to songs like All For One or Break The Chain felt great and the Raven's still rock! Surely the band was on the road to promote their latest release One For All. Luckily the Gallagher brothers still know how to kick ass! Then it was time for U.D.O.! It sounded like Accept been on stage. The master is still alive and kicking. Sure, Udo Dirkschneider was their singer and his remarkable voice always been their trademark, but now he's on the road with his own band. Pure metal! Songs like Holy and Raiders Of Beyond really rocked! Beside new stuff the band of metal fossil (take it positively!) Udo played a kind of best of set including classical tracks like Balls To The Wall, Metal Heart and Princess Of The Dark. A full load of metal from the 'old man' of German metal and his young backing band. They rocked like Accept at their climax! This show proofed that U.D.O. are what Accept stood for. It seems that the young band revived the old tunes. It was like a blood transfusion for Mr. Dirkschneider... The fans were partying, banging, rocking and singing along. A great show! If you missed the show, shame on you! This was a great night of metal!

Ilia Kontitsi


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