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On stage: Seven Witches

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Seven Witches & After All - June, 24th 2004 - Liége (B), Phoenix

I haven't been to Liége before and so I first had to find the club. That wasn't difficult, but to find parking space! Tonight Seven Witches should play a warm-up show for GrasPop Metal Meeting. The band of guitarist Jack Frost haven't replaced Brian Craig yet and so a friend jumped in - Kevin of After All. Kevin had just 2 days of rehearsal and so this was the first time for him to play live with Seven Witches. The Belgium After All opened up tonight's show. Even if they have finished the recordings for their new album - will be in the stores later this year - they presented almost the same set as on the Overkill tour. Again Beneath The Flesh and For Us Immortals were the highlights. Compared with their last years performances it was obvious that singer Piet Focroul improved as a singer. He got a lot better! I'm looking forward to hear the new album and to see them live again.
After a short break Seven Witches entered the stage. On drums After All drummer Kevin and on bass as a permanent member now Dennis Haze. Unfortunately not more people had come to see them - less then a dozen - , but Seven Witches hadn't the show announced on their own website or on their labels one. Definitely a lack of promotion, but Jack Frost wanted this as a warm-up, so... Actually I can't remember which song they chose to open, but next was Metal Tyrant followed by Camelot. With Johnny they played a song from their latest album. Here singer James Rivera and guitarist Jack Frost made some jokes with the audience - in person with Bernd from the Skullkrushers. They played a new song called Metal Asylum. A straight up-tempo rocker where they gave tribute to their heroes. Personally I think the lyrics aren't very smart, but perhaps I just got it wrong, coz I just heard it once live... Anyway, they wrote better songs in the past. With Passage To The Other Side and Mental Messiah they finished their set. Kevin did a great job, just 2 little mistakes, but what's that compared with the mistakes Jack and Dennis did tonight. Mr. Frost probably should con­centrate more on his guitar play then on posing and joking around, even if this was just a warm-up show.
Well, not a bad evening... Soon after the show the bands came to hang out with the few fans. James told a little about his Distant Thunder album and that he'll play some shows in Greece - probably more through out Europe - with Distant Thunder (/Helstar) this fall. And it's already confirmed that Distant Thunder will play at Bang-Your-Head 2005 as James told us. Let's wait and see, if Distant Thunder will make it to Central Europe this fall....

Claudia Ehrhardt


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