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On stage: Overkill

- Overkill, Jag Panzer & Massacra - Nov. 1994 - Frankfurt (D) -
- Overkill, Annihilator & Wicked Mystic - Jan. 2000 - Helmond (NL) -
- Overkill, Annihilator & Wicked Mystic - Jan. 2000 - Helmond (NL) -
- Overkill, Annihilator & Dew-Scented - Feb. 2000 - Krefeld (D) -
- Overkill, Annihilator & Dew-Scented - Feb. 2000 - Offenbach (D) -
- Overkill - Nov. 2000 - Bochum (D) -
- Overkill & Wicked Mystic - June 2002 - Vosselaar (B) -
- Overkill, Blaze & Wicked Mystic - June 2002 - Osnabrück (D) -
- Overkill, Blaze & Wicked Mystic - June 2002 - Krefeld (D) -
- Overkill, Blaze & Wicked Mystic - June 2002 - Nuremberg (D) -
- Overkill, Seven Witches & After All - Nov. 2003 - Zaandam (NL) -
- Overkill, Seven Witches & After All - Nov. 2003 - Bad Wünnenberg (D) -
- Overkill, Contradiction & 10 Fold B-Low - July 2005 - Wuppertal (D) -
- Overkill, Exodus & Torture Squad - Feb. 2009 - Bochum (D) -
- Overkill, Savage Messiah & Cripper - Feb. 2010 - Bochum (D) -
- Overkill - Apr. 2010 - San Francisco, CA (USA) -
- Overkill, Destruction, Heathen & After All - Mar. 2011 - Cologne (D) -
- RockHard 2011 - June 2011 - Gelsenkirchen (D) -

- Killfest 2011: Overkill, Destruction, Heathen & After All -
- March 4th 2011 - Cologne (D), Essigfabrik -

After All: Sammy Peleman - live in Cologne 2011

After All: Dries van Damme - live in Cologne 2011

Heathen: David White - live in Cologne 2011

Heathen: Lee Altus - live in Cologne 2011

Overkill: Bobby Ellsworth - live in Bochum 2010

Overkill: Bobby Ellsworth - live in Bochum 2010

Overkill: Bobby Ellsworth - live in Bochum 2010

Overkill: Bobby Ellsworth - live in Bochum 2010

Again it's carnival season and again Overkill stop on their Killfest tour in an area of Germany where carnival is celebrated. This time they invited German thrashers Destruction, Bay Area thrashers Heathen and the Belgium outfit After All to join them on tour.

After All were opening for Overkill and Seven Witches in November 2003, played some shows with Heathen in July 2005 and toured with Destruction and Candlemass later the same year. That they now tour with them even as they are unsigned isn't a big surprise, if you know about the tours. But things changed, they have a new line-up and changing the singer is always risky...
The Belgium quartet had to enter the stage early, so not everybody had arrived when they kicked off with My Own Sacrifice. Beside the songs they re-recorded with the new line-up, they played the 3 new songs Becoming The Martyr, Demolition Done and Timeless Machine. Musically After All haven't changed, but due to the different vocal style of Sammy Peleman they sound a bit different. As usual they delivered a tight set and one wonders why they are still unsigned...

After a short change over Lee Altus and his Heathen clan entered the stage. With 4 bands on the bill the first bands always have a limited time and so they headed into Dying Season of their latest release The Evolution Of Chaos. Actually Heathen only played songs from that release, kinda the first half, just that they played Arrows Of Agony before No Stone Unturned. Guitarists Kragen Lum and Lee Altus showed their skills and together with bassist Jon Torres and drummer Darren Minter they delivered the playground for frontman David White. Fans hoped for some classics, but were disappointed. They focused on the new songs - this time. I guess when they return and have more stage time, then they will take their fans on a travel back in time.

For the first time being at Essigfabrik the lights were great, at least at the opening acts, coz Destruction flooded the stage with red light - but you mainly could see the shapes of Schmier & co. Destruction opened up with Curse The Gods, then stormed into Mad Butcher. Meanwhile the venue was packed and quite a few fans of the Germans were celebrating the trio. Songs like Tears Of Blood and Trash Til Death they presented in the first half of their set. The second part I missed as I took the chance to talk to After All guitarist Dries van Damme to catch up with latest events.

Then it was time for Overkill! When I came in Overkill just finished The Green & Black - as I heard - and headed into one of their classics... Rotten To The Core. The place was on fire and I had no chance to make it through the audience to do a few photos - so the pics are from last years Killfest. Sorry.
After Wrecking Crew and Infectious Blitz talked the audience "We make ourselves a thrash metal party! Are you ready?" he asked, but wasn't satisfied with the result, "It takes a lot more to impress me! Are you ready?" he asked again and the fans answered him loudly. Time to party with Bring Me Tonight! Songs like Bastard Nation - incl. a cool solo by Dave Linsk -, Hammerhead and Ironbound the fans appreciated. "Do you feel fucking good?" Mr. Ellsworth asked, then showed that he knew that's carnival in Cologne... "Alaaf, alaaf! Are you ready for more? Are you sure?" he wanted to know. "It's pretty old, I'm not sure, you know it... It's called Blood Money!" And hell broke loose. Songs like Hello From The Gutter and Necroshine fans sang along loudly, "I love you old school motherfuckers! We have time for one more, but we need some more participation!" Bobby announced and with Old School the thrash party went on. Afterwards Bobby Ellsworth introduced the band and they left the stage. Well, Overkill fans knew that they will be back, coz now show ends without Fuck You - at least if they aren't forced to finish the set earlier. And so they came back for Deny The Cross and Elimination. "Danke schön! The famous last one, this is not the time to be a fucking pussy!" It was time for Fuck You! As usual Bobby did a stage dive towards the end of the song while the others played the last notes.
Great set! Even if everybody will be able to name a song he / she missed, they played the essentials and surprised the fans. One more time they proofed that it's always worth to see Overkill live! If you missed them on Killfest 2011, then make sure you see them at one of the festivals!

Claudia Ehrhardt


- Overkill - April 18th 2010 - San Francisco (USA), Slim's -

Overkill - live in Bochum 2010

Overkill - live in Bochum 2010

Overkill - live in Bochum 2010

Overkill - live in Bochum 2010

© Claudia Ehrhardt

Photos: Overkill - Feb. 2010
Live in Bochum

First let me start off by saying, who the fuck cares about the other bands that played, the ticket said Overkill, and that is who we are talking about today.

I had always heard Overkill was great live, so I went into this concert excited to see a great thrash band that very rarely comes to SF... But holy shit batman.

Let's start with Mr. Blitz... He was in top shape. This motherfucker was jumping around all over the place, grabbing the mic stand, making tons of poses and gestures and all around being a grade A front man. On top of that... my god his voice... his voice... it sounds as good today as the early studio albums do...

The band sounded as tight as possibly could be. I love how they did a lot of start / stop kinds of things; it really got the audience going. Blitz made this all the much better. his intro's to each song did not feel forced at all (which many bands do when they try to introduce a song) I'm sure many people have thought "e;play the fucking song already"e; when Mille insists on saying "e;It's time to raise the flag of?"e; a million times and then keeps asking people to get louder each time, even though for anyone who has seen them more than once or has their live album.. He does it a set number of times regardless of fan volume... but hey... I have gone off on a tangent haven't I?

Okay, so pretty much their set list was perfect, or as close to as anyone could really ask for realistically. Sure there will be people that'd say "e;it’s only perfect, if the set list is only old stuff"e;, but we all know that that is impossible unless it's a special tour. So that aside... it was pretty great.

What else can be said that hasn't already or everyone pre supposes by what I have already said? They were fucking GREAT. This show might just have been my fav concert, dethroning last year's Kreator, and Destroyer 666 (both bands which I like very substantially more than Overkill).

Oh yeah and I think Vader, Evile, Warbringer, and some other guys played... but I totally forgot, because once Overkill played Wrecking Crew... I didn't give a shit anymore.

For anyone who missed this, I'm sorry for you, once you realize how big of a mistake it was to miss this, I'll make sure to say R.I.P. once I hear you have committed suicide.


- Overkill's T-shirts sucked. The tour shirt looked like a shit rip-off of Killing Is My Business... so I passed on it (something I hate doing)

Let me see... anything else?... NOPE



See Y'all at Mayhem... err... scratch that... Cannibal Corpse....

(guest writer)


- Overkill, Savage Messiah & Cripper -
- February 11th 2010 - Bochum (D), Zeche -

Cripper - live in Bochum

Savage Messiah - live in Bochum

Overkill - live in Bochum

Overkill - live in Bochum

Overkill - live in Bochum

Overkill - live in Bochum

Overkill - live in Bochum

Overkill have a new album out and even without a new album Overkill is frequently touring in Europe. Last year they teamed up with Exodus, this time they had some newcomers with them - Suicidal Angels, Savage Messiah and Cripper.
In Bochum a 4-band package always means the show starts early. Germany was still covered in white, but in the area you could spot some costumed people, it was the kick-off of street carnival. That made it a bit of a problem to get to Bochum, at least when you are coming from Düsseldorf, one of the strongholds of carnival in Germany.
Luckily the metal fans who go to concerts at Zeche know that it usually starts early, if more then 2 bands play and so a few were there when Cripper entered the stage at 6:30 PM! When Britta Görtz and her mates entered the stage only a few dozen people were in front of the stage, but the German band stormed off with Shortcut. Even if the space on stage was limited Britta used every inch. With only 30 minutes stage time Cripper didn't waste time and fired one thrasher after another incl. Trapped, Slowly Beaten Hate Machine and Attention Deficit. But they not just played songs from Devil Reveals their current album, so even songs from 2007 release Freak Inside made it onto the set list.
A short change over and when Savage Messiah entered the stage more people gathered in front of the stage. The British band was founded in 2007 and their debut full-length album was released last summer, so you could expect tunes of Insurrection Rising. Dave Silver and his mates also had just 30 minutes - the opening slot is a rotation position, and today it was Cripper who had to go out first. Opening up with Spitting Venom the London boys headed into The Serpent Tongue Of Divinity. Singer and guitarist Dave Silver welcomed the audience with a few words in German, but soon switched back to English. Savage Messiah got some good response from the fans, but their modern sounding old-school thrash was just what Overkill fans like, so it was no surprise. Songs like In Absence Of Liberty, Enemy Image and Corruption X they made some new friends.
Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels were next in line. I'm not very familiar with their songs, so I'm not sure, but I think the opener was Bloodthirsty... Followed by The Pestilence Of Saints - the first songs of Sanctify The Darkness. "Good evening Bochum! We are Suicidal Angels!" singer and guitarist Nick Melissourgos introduced themselves to the metalheads. Sticking to the track list of the album they offered Inquisition. Then it was time for me to meet Britta for an interview, a little follow-up of the one we've done by email late last summer.
Overkill kicked off with the album opener The Green And Black, a quite epic tune for the NY thrashers. "1986, Bochum on the floor, Rotten To The Core!" introduced frontman Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth the classic Overkill tune. A real surprise, coz usually they play this one later in the set. With songs like Battle, Powersurge, Hello From The Gutter and Overkill they traveled back in time, then it was time for something new... "It's good to be back! I have to tell you something what just happened recently, that our new album Ironbound entered the charts at #51! Danke schön!" told the fronter and continued "This is your Overkill 2010 - Ironbound!" The title track is another long track which fits well into the set full of classics. "You're still feeling good? Still feeling alive?" Bobby Ellsworth asked the Overkill fans. "We do it together, In Union We Stand!" Another classic and soon it was time for Feel The Fire. After Gasoline Dream another new song should follow... Bring Me The Night! "One more, kids! It's a one-way train to Elimination!" One more time a mosh pit opened up and the fans celebrated an Overkill classic. Then the fivesome walked off stage, but they returned for Necroshine. As usual bassist D.D. Verni and drummer Ron Lipnicki delivered the sonic playground for guitarists Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer. It was party time when Overkill kicked off Old School! "That was very old school... God bless this place! Are you ready?" 'Blitz' asked and the fans answered him loudly. Traditionally the finish every show with Fuck You, and that's what they did, but embedded Sonic Reducer and with Bobby Ellsworth stage dive the show ended. Band and fans were happy. See you soon!

Claudia Ehrhardt


- Overkill, Exodus & Torture Squad -
- February, 25th 2009 - Bochum (D), Zeche -

Torture Squad

Exodus: Rob Dikes


Overkill: Derek Tailer

Overkill: Bobby Ellsworth

© Claudia Ehrhardt

More photos?
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First a tour of Overkill and Metal Church was announced, but Metal Church had to pull out, coz guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof has back problems and wasn't allowed to tour. The fans of Bay Area thrash welcomed their replacement - Exodus! Two more bands were added to the billing: Gama Bomb from Ireland and Torture Squad from Brazil. Unfortunately they played at Zeche which is a pity, coz due to the strict curfew the bands had to cut down their sets.
When the Brazilian thrashers Torture Squad entered the stage already some fans were waiting in front of the stage. The Paulistanos are active since the 1990, but just recently tried to conquer the old World with their thrash metal. Hellbound is their 5th studio album, but the first which is available in Europe and so their short set was presenting songs from Hellbound. The guys offered fast thrash attacks with harsh vocals, singer Vitor gives them a death metal-edge. But the foursome is playing technical thrash metal spiced up with some other ingredients. I think they made some new friends on this tour!
I skipped Gama Bomb and talked to some friends... And learnt that Torture Squad will play April 17th at the Pitch Black in Niederkrüchten. Perhaps I can make it...
A few minutes past 9 PM it was time for Exodus to enter the stage! Gary Holt and his mates released late last year a newly recorded version of their legendary Bonded By Blood, now Let There Be Blood. And so they offered a set full of old and new tunes incl. 44 Magnum Opus, Piranha, Children Of A Worthless God, Toxic Waltz and Lessons In Violence. During the second track singer Rob Dukes lost the wire of his mic and used for a moment Lee Altus' mic. Btw, Heathen guitarist Lee Altus fits in very well and rocked the house. Drummer Tom Huntington joined Exodus again, but wasn't able to do this tour and so they hired Nick Barker for the Killfest Tour. A huge mosh pit opened up almost immediately and the band was obviously happy to see the fans going crazy. Especially the classics were welcome and so the fans were exhausted when the band left the stage.
After a lengthy change over it was time for Overkill! With Deny The Cross they headed into their set and surprised the fans with their next song - E.vil N.ever D.ies! Good to hear this one again! Singer Bobby Ellsworth welcomed the fans: "Sweet home Deutschland! Since 1986 we came here many times, it feels like home!" And they kicked off Hammerhead! The fans were banging and shouting, singing along and opened a mosh pit one more time. After Hello From The Gutter talked again to the fans... "Hallo meine Freunde! Since Metal Hammer Roadshow its been many years, but in my head it seems like yesterday!" Bobby explained and it was time for an old classic - Rotten To The Core! Next in line Elimination. Then it was time for something new, a song from their latest album Immortalis which they haven't played on the last tour - Skull And Bones. When Bobby announced that they will play a song they haven't played for 15 years... the audience was excited - and then the band kicked off Feel The Fire! Bassist D.D. Verni was enjoying being on stage and watched the fans going crazy. At In Union We Stand it seemed like everybody was singing a long and guitarists Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer were firing precis riffs. "Its always good to be in a room full of friends! Something old now, and something new for the younger ones..." They finished the set with Overkill. Way too soon it was over and so the fans were demanding more. After a few moments they were back to attack with Horrorscope. When they played the first notes of Fuck You! every fan knew this was the last track... They wove in bit of Motörhead's Overkill before they came to an end. And as usual Bobby stage dived while the band was playing the last notes. Fans and bands were sweat, the band left the stage while the fans got one more drink before heading home.
Killfest presented 2 young thrash bands and two veterans, but the oldsters delivered a powerful set and even after more then 2 decades they are still alive and kicking! Come back soon!

Claudia Ehrhardt


Overkill, Contradiction & 10 Fold B-Low
- July, 4th 2005 - Wuppertal (D), Die Börse -

In May they toured together and now there are a handful of shows Overkill came over to play and so the package got together again. On tour Contradiction were opening, but tonight in Wuppertal 10 Fold B-Low took over that position, coz this is Contradiction's hometown. At all shows it wasn't an easy task for the quintet from Cologne to convince the Overkill fans. It ain't easy to describe their sound, perhaps MetalCore fits best to their melange of Death'n'Thrash with modern sound elements and some blasting parts. I don't know their songs, so I can't tell you more about themat the moment. As their music is quite different compared with Overkill the fans keep distant, but showed their respect. My first impression is that they are good at what they're doing, but still not my cup of tea. The guys and guitarist Steffie seemed to enjoy being on stage and playing live, even if the audience wasn't really into them. Decent show, but not the right audience for their music.
Musically the quartet Contradiction fit much better to Overkill as they play old school thrash metal. Many fans with Contradiction shirts were waiting impatiently for their faves. I heard that the band of singer / guitarist Oliver Lux hasn't played lately in their hometown... Anyway, the four-some presented a tight set including songs from their new album The Voice Of Hatred as well as some old tunes. As many fans came to see Contradiction the space in front of the stage was packed with their fans. Beside the title track of their latest release they travelled back in time and played Lie of Rules Of Peace and the title track of All We Hate. The new songs Breaking The Oath and Engines Of Hate were as welcome as their old tunes. In the beginning the quartet had some sound problems, but they didn't care and just kept thrashing the place. When they had to leave the stage, the fans were shouting for more. And Overkill would have gave them the opportunity, but due to delays it was already late and so there was no chance for more Contradiction. Great show.
After a change over it was time for the New York thrashers!!! Again Derek Tailer didn't make it for personal reasons. It happened before and again they played a few more Overkill classics. But they opened up with the album opener of their latest album ReliXIV - Within Your Eyes. With Damned they played a tune from Killbox 13, but then it was time for Rotten To The Core! The fans went crazy and moshed and headbanged. A huge moshpit was the fans answer to this classic. And more killer tracks followed like God-Like and Elimination. Staying in the 90's with songs from Horrorscope and W.F.O. Then another trip back to the early days with Hello From The Gutter, In Union We Stand and Powersurge. Hell broke loose! The moshpit and the stage-divers gave an impression how it was in the 80's - in the glory days of thrash metal. Last, but not least they played Old School from ReliXIV which is their way to honor The Ramones and which was the perfect end for the regular set.
But too early for Overkill to say good-bye and so they came back for more. After Necroshine and Wrecking Crew traditionally Fuck You ended the show. A little surprise were the cover versions of AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap which they did before and some Black Sabbath tune. It was past midnight when Overkill left the stage.
A fantastic show - again. Even if some songs sound different with one guitar, but Dave Linsk did his best to fill the vacant spot. The band obviously enjoyed playing live, even if not everything was perfect. Beside the incident when a tech fixed something at the microstand and Bobby was rushing in and lost a tooth. He asked to get it back, but stated that it's not the first time that he lost this tooth... It happened first 20 years ago. Nothing to worry and so they just continued with the set. Seems that nothing can stop them.

Overkill, Seven Witches & After All
- November, 22nd 2003 - Bad Wünnenberg (D), Schützenhalle -

Tonight was the last show of the European Tourbox 13 and it led us to Bad Wünnenberg. Never heard of? Me, too! Well, Bad Wünnenberg is somewhere near Paderborn, but not that far from Dortmund... Just a one hour drive. None of us knew what to expect.
After doors opened metal fans of all ages arrived. I also saw some Overkill fans from the Netherlands who came around another time. That's fan support!
For After All it was a good day, coz they hadn't to play in front of a handful fans. About 150 fans were already there. For most of the metalheads it was the first con­tact with the Belgium band. In comparison with their performance at the Anthrax show the band got more routine. The rhythm section delivered the playground for the guitarists Dries van Damme and Christophe Depree. Again they came out to promote their latest album Mercury Rising. During their 30 min. long set they presented songs like Rectify and Exhale - as far as I remember... But they played one of my favorites - Beneath The Flesh. I also remember that they played the La Muerta cover Black God White Devil. A few metalheads they could convince and it seems that they are on the right way. The next album will show, if there is a chance for the Belgians.
Last May Jack Frost's Seven Witches toured the last time through out Europe. Now they are back to promote Passage To The Other Side live, but they also played many older songs. Another line-up change took place before the recordings, singer Wade Black left and got replaced by ex-Helstar James Rivera. Some probably thought that they have also a new four-stringer, but Joey Vera had other obligations and Dennis Haze from Rivera's band jumped in. Tonight the band sounded tight, but not as good as in Zaandam. Again they played Mental Messiah, Salvation, title track Passage To The Other Side, Metal Tyrant, Dance With The Dead, Eyes Of An Angel and the Grim Reaper cover See You In Hell. I liked the band with Wade Black and I always liked Rivers with Helstar, now Rivera make Seven Witches sound heavier and add the certain something to the songs. A decent end of the tour for them. See you next year.
The last show of this tour got kicked off - as usual on this one - with Devil By His Tail of Killbox 13. The few hundred fans who came to see the show were going nuts and the local crew had problems to keep the barricade up. More and more guys of the local crew lined-up in the pit to keep the barrier. At least when the New Yorkers played Hello From The Gutter and In Union We Stand it looked like the barricade will fall. The band was watching the scenery from the stage, but kept going. Dave Linsk was more relaxed tonight, coz after 13 shows he was used to play the guitar parts all alone. For many it was still a surprise that Derek Tailer wasn't on tour with the thrashers. The guitar sound was different, but having just one guitar made bassist D.D. Verni step more up front. It seems that D.D. enjoyed it. Due to the fact that most newer songs can't be easily re-arranged for just one guitar, the band decided to play more old tunes. Something the fans welcomed, I guess some never heard the old ones live before. Even if Bobby Ellsworth and his mates always play some old tunes and songs like In Union We Stand, Elimination and Fuck You are always been played. As usual they finished the set with Fuck You and at the end 'Blitz' stage dived. It took a little while until Bobby was on his way back on the fans hands and the band started playing Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap of AC/DC. And so Bobby had to hurry up to sing this classic.
The fans were great and definitely a reason to come back to this place, but the organization has to improve. Okay, this was there first big show and they hadn't expect so many people, but a professional organization is a different thing.... And so the tour was over... Time to say good-bye to everybody, to the bands - Overkill, Seven Witches & After All - and to the crew - Claire (sound), Eric (lights), techs Sebastian and Rick and merchandiser Joe. Hope to see you again!

Overkill, Seven Witches & After All
- November, 20th 2003 - Zaandam (NL), de Kade -

The last - and the first - time I was in Zaandam at the de Kade was last August with Circle II Circle and Annihilator. Now I came back with Overkill. Due to the cold, rainy weather fans arrived late and so the Belgium opening act After All had to start their set when just a handful of fans where in front of the stage. A few Skullkrushers - non-official German fan club of Overkill - had come over to Zaandam and been there in time for After All. The band of guitarists Dries van Damme and Christophe Depree started - as far as I remember - with Beneath The Flesh. Probably I mixed up the line of songs, but I lost my notes... The band was again out on the road to promote their latest release Mercury Rising, even if they are already working on new material. After touring with Anthrax in March they are now on the road with another Thrash metal flag-ship - with Overkill. So they mainly keep the set list they had last March. Singer Piet Focroul and his pales presented a tight show and finally could heat up the few fans. A highlight of their show was the La Muerta cover Black God White Devil. Unfortunately the band had to enter earlier as planned, but they did their best to entertain the fans. Good show, guys.
Next in line were the American quartet Seven Witches. Guitarist Jack Frost and his band toured last year with Annihilator and made some more friends here in Europe. Now they are back to present their latest album - which is out for several months already - Passage To The Other Side. On that album former Helstar singer James Rivera was already in the band, but it was his first time with Seven Witches in Europe. Most fans never saw him on stage before. A surprise was that bassist Joey Vera wasn't with them on tour - see interview with Jack Frost for details - and so Dennis Haze who works with Rivera jumped in. They played songs like Mental Messiah, Salvation, title track Passage To The Other Side, Metal Tyrant, Eyes Of An Angel and the Grim Reaper cover See You In Hell. James Rivera is very different to Wade Black and he made the old songs sound heavier. But still I prefer the original of See You In Hell! Good show.
Everybody was waiting for the headliner - Overkill! The Netherlands have always been a good place to play for Overkill and so fans come to see them again. When the band entered the stage, fans were surprised to see the New Yorker with just one guitar player. Guitarist Derek Tailer stayed home, coz his wife was seriously ill and there wasn't enough time to find someone who could fill the spot. And so the quartet started with Devil By His Tail of their latest album Killbox 13. It sounds a little different in comparison with the album, but they had to change songs partly. Newer songs been written for 2 guitars and so the band traveled back in time and presented a lot of old stuff which was originally written for one guitar. Necroshine didn't went back that far, but the medley of Hammerhead and Powersurge did. Dave Linsk did an amazing job! Due to the changed circumstances bassist D.D. Verni step a little more up-front and sounded heavier then ever. D.D. Verni moved more then usual and the fans appreciated it. Songs like Hello From The Gutter, In Union We Stand, E.vil N.ever D.ies, Battle, Bastard Nation and Rotten To The Core sounded powerful, heavy and like we know then from the days Overkill was a four-piece. With Long Time Dying they presented a newer track, but mainly old material. During the encore they played Coma, Elimination and - what else - Fuck You!
The Dutch fans and the German Skullkrushers opened up a mosh pit during the first notes. As usual wilder then in Germany, but also the fans care for each other and so it's fun. For some fans it was a surprise that Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth spoke mainly Dutch to the fans, but his 2nd wife is Dutch and he learnt the language during the last years. Funny was his introduction of the band... "On drums... Tim Mallere for president! On guitar... Dave Linsk for Secretary of State!" Just D.D. Verni wasn't called for a governmental job... ;-)
"Great show, lots of fun, come back soon!" - that's it in a nutshell.

Overkill, Blaze & Wicked Mystic
- June, 27th 2002 - Nuremberg (Germany), Hirsch -

Another sunny day and the venue has a beer garden! We as well as the band, crew and fans used the chance to sit in the sun before the Hirsch opened the doors. Not the best circumstances for the Dutch, especially because their guitarist Niels Kuenen had to get back home and the quintet had to convince the fans as a quartet. Tonight the guys had a little bigger stage and so singer Remko Roes and his mates were running around and gave their best to heat up the fans. The sound wasn't that good and partly the second guitar was missing, even if the four did a good job to fill the sound gap Niels left. They acted really professional and kept going on when guitarist Harald te Grotenhuis had technical problems. Partly it wasn't easy for them and only drummer Wily van Haren seems to ignore the technical problems and enjoyed the show at all... Anyway, I think it was good for them to play this tour and introduce themselves to the German fans.
Next on the bill were Blaze. Shame on me, but I missed the first part while talking with Derek in the beer garden and the second half I heard, but didn't saw, coz I just wanted to talk for a minute with Jesse at the merchandise.... And the show was over... Sorry, guys! Promise to see the next one!
When the first notes of Coma came out of the PA system all fans been inside the Hirsch to give a warm welcome to the New Yorkers. E.vil N.ever D.ies and Battle followed. Guitarist Derek Tailer was like a dervish on stage. But the whole band was in motion and presented a powerful show. The fans went crazy and soon there was a real mosh pit in front of the stage. Tonight singer Bobby Ellsworth seemed not to be 150% there.... But still one of the best frontman of the metal scene! Songs like Deny The Cross, Hello From The Gutter and Wrecking Crew / Powersurge made time fly.
Then Bobby introduced the next song.... "My mother always said that this music won't last, but I'm still here, feeling fine in the Necroshine!" And the metal storm broke loose! Drummer Tim Mallare and bassist D.D. Verni built the basis for the guitars of Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer and after the better half of the song during an instrumental part Bobby gave a sign to his guys to keep going... They did, but Bobby didn't returned! At the end of the song the band left the stage. Sound engineer Claire as well as light tech Kyle were confused, nobody knew what happened. The fans were shouting for more and soon got upset. It took too long until the local promoter and D.D. Verni announced that Bobby collapsed and that they had to stop the show. I don't exactly know what they announced, coz I left the venue after asking Claire, if she knew. At the back side of the venue the band and soon the crew was gathered around Bobby, waiting for an ambulance.... Everybody was worried and after the ambulance arrived and they checked Bobby the emergency doctor decided to take Bobby to the hospital. Before the ambulance left Bobby told them that he wants his son to come with him and for everybody else a time of waiting began...
Our hopes and thoughts were with him and we hoped that the tests will show that he's not suffering from some serious illness... Meanwhile the band had to make a decision about the show at the BYH. They decided to cancel the show after getting the first information from the hospital, coz it wouldn't be fair to the fans and they didn't want to risk anything. First priority was Bobby's health.
Last show of the tour and it turned out badly! Thanks to everybody and they will be back... Somewhere in future.... See you there!

Overkill, Blaze & Wicked Mystic
- June, 26th 2002 - Krefeld (Germany), Kulturfabrik -

For the first time in the career of Overkill the New York thrashers were invited to play at the Bang-Your-Head festival in Balingen and so they added a few shows in Germany, Holland and Belgium. The Kulturfabrik in Krefeld wasn't packed, some probably were already in Balingen to be there for the BYH club event which kicks off the festival, other are probably on vacation and due to the sunny and warm evening some might prefer to sit in a beer garden and have a cold drink. A pity, coz this billing was extraordinary.
There were just about 150 fans in the venue to watch the Dutch opening act Wicked Mystic. Most of the fans didn't know the band, just like me. The 'Oranje' presented energetic power metal. The guitarists banged their heads and their singer added his high-pitched vocals to the musical basis. Their US-metal influenced music has progressive touch and so it needs time to get into it. Not another copy of Helloween. The quintet did their best to convince the bangers and for the last track one of the guitarists and the singer left the stage and were walking around in the audience. A good show. I guess, I would have enjoyed it more, if I would have known the songs...
Next were the British band Blaze who just toured with Savatage earlier this year. In January the band of former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley did a fantastic job. Now I was curious to see them again. When I saw them in Langen with Savatage they had a bigger stage, so this time they were a little limited, but Blaze and guitarists John Slater and Steve Wray were always in motion. Heating up the fans with their music. Kicking off the set with Kill And Destroy the five-some made the 250 fans going crazy and they sounded like three times as much! Then Ghost In The Machine came next. They were out to promote their 2nd album The 10th Dimension. Live even harder and more straight then on disc. With the Iron Maiden track Man On The Edge Blaze and his boys remembered the singers past. And with Silicon Messiah the quintet played the title track of their debut. A great show... Again!
The break was longer then I expected, but the last fans were called in by the intro of Coma! If you ever saw them live, you know that Overkill are one of the hottest live acts around! Blitz and his partner in crime D.D. Verni chose songs from their long career and for some the setlist was like a dream came true. Just a few I want mention, like E.vil N.ever D.ies, Battle, Deny The Cross, Hello From The Gutter, Wrecking Crew / Powersurge. One killer after another! Blitz is one of the best frontman in the genre and he entertained the fans while bassist D.D. Verni and the guitarists Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer were always in motion. The 400+ fans who showed up celebrated the New York thrashers, especially because the band presented some songs which haven't been heard live in years. One of these surprises were The Years Of Decay. No news that it's impossible for Overkill to play all their hits and so I missed songs like Rotten To The Core, Feel The Fire or Thanx For Nothing, but I won't complain! I guess it's impossible to fulfill the wishes of every fans... Overkill is still alive and kicking! And they really kick ass live! Better than most bands who are around!

Overkill, Blaze & Wicked Mystic
- June, 25th 2002 - Osnabrück (Germany), Works -

On a sunny Tuesday we were on our way to Osnabrück. Not much traffic, perhaps because Germany played in the semi-final against South Korea.... Anyway, when we arrived some of the guys and the local crew were watching the last minutes of the game. Germany won, but beside the local crew it seems that nobody was really interested in.... The Dutch hadn't arrived at that time and everybody else continued their work. A little chit-chat... Then it was time for soundcheck.... And we talked for quite awhile with some guys from the German Skullcrushers, an Overkill fan club, who came from Dortmund to see tonight's show.
Due to the pre-sales the local organizer moved the show from the bigger hall to the small one, but that was okay. A few weeks ago the same happened to Annihilator, great crowd, even if not that much fans showed up...
When the Dutch quintet entered the small stage and started their set with Bleeding. Luckily a few fans already standing first row and the others spread all over the place. Singer Remko Roes and his mates gave more then 100% and made some new friends. The sympathetic guys presented songs from their two albums, but been nobodies to 99% of the audience, coz their albums are not distributed in Germany. Tracks like Hollow Phrase, Knight Errant and Mindbomb offer power metal with progressive elements based on the guitar riffing of Harald te Grotenhuis and Niels Kuenen. After the track Hollow Phrase singer Remko started introducing the band and then guitarist Harald introduced the red mouse (a stuffed animal he had on the bond) as Karl-Heinz, the latest member of Wicked Mystic! Later he placed Karl-Heinz on his microphone stand to watch the show. Something the metal fans will definitely remember! They ended their set with Maiden and singer Remko left the stage walked through the audience and entered the counter at the other side of the room to finish the show. Well done!
Then it was again time for the British five-piece Blaze. The band of former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley kicked off their set with Kill And Destroy and it seems that this was the motto of tonight's show! Perhaps because the guys had a slightly hangover from last night and gave 150% to make this a good one.... Anyway, tonight was the last show with Doro's drummer Johnny Dee on drums. Many were wondering, coz they expected Blaze drummer Jeff Singer, but he had to go back home for a few days, because of his brother. Luckily Johnny Dee could jump in and he did a really good job! Thanks, man!
Earlier this year the British toured with Savatage and did a few headlining club shows afterwards and so they slightly changed the setlist. On the small stage the men on the strings had not much place to act, but gave their best and it was a surprise for some to hear Forgotten Future. The rest of the set was almost the same as on the last tour. A decent show.
The intro started and the New Yorkers entered the stage for Coma. They came over to play at Bang-Your-Head festival and to promote their 2nd live album Wrecking Everything and so there should be a few surprises.... After E.vil N.ever D.ies and Battle frontman Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth took time to talk to the fans... He remembered the days of Taking Over and thanked all the long-time friends before it was time for Deny The Cross. The five then offered a Hello From The Gutter, a classic Overkill tune. Guitarist Derek 'Skull' Tailer fits into the band very well and it seems that he's part of the pack for years. It was obvious that these guys have fun playing live and that this is what it's all about for them! They focused on the tracks which been released after the Wrecking Your Neck live album, but didn't forget some old ones. But songs like Necroshine and Powersurge, even if from different eras can stand next to each other. After Let It Burn it was time for the first real surprise.... Introduced by Bobby with "Tim, our drummer, thinks this song is gay, but we play it anyway... The Years Of Decay!!!" The crowd went crazy, this song haven't been play since the Years Of Decay tour and is an unusual song for Overkill, but a masterpiece! Afterwards it was time to speed up again and so the presented Shred, I Hate, Thunderhead and Long Time Dyin'! Time to take a breath and Bobby remembered their early days, a sentimental journey in the vain of Overkill... Reminding the Metal Hammer Roadshow tour with Anthrax and Agent Steel, it was their first time in Europe and they made friends while presenting Feel The Fire... "...friends are important, friends you can rely on and which are around for years... And they will remember this one!" Followed by the track Hammerhead! Everybody on stage and in the audience was already sweaten, but the fans wanted more and so the guys finished with Elimination. A few minute break and they were back for the encore with their anthem! "We wrote this song a long time ago, but after the terroristic attacks of 9-11, this has a special meaning. Everybody in the band knew people who worked their or their friends and family members. We have to thank Germany and all the other countries who stand in line and helped us! And even tonight In Union We Stand!" Bobby stated before the song.
To quote an old saying, 'time is flying, if you're having fun'.... And so it was almost over.... Fuck You! always the last track ended the show and Bobby was stage diving as always. The usual end of an Overkill show. Definitely a night to remember! What a setlist! Please, don't let us wait too long! And perhaps a few more shows next time....

Overkill, Blaze & Wicked Mystic
- June, 16th 2002 - Biebob (Belgium), Vosselaar -

Again I was going to one of my favorite clubs - to the Biebob in Vosselaar. When I arrived it was just in time to say 'bye' to Jeff Singer - drummer of Blaze - coz he had to get back home. His brother was in hospital and it was pretty serious, so I wished him all the best. Blaze didn't want to cancel the tour, but it was too late for tonight's show to have a substitute. For Overkill mainman Bobby Ellsworth it wasn't a good day either, coz he got bad news from home. Show must go on!
At the time the Dutch power metal band Wicked Mystic entered the stage Helstar singer and founding member James Rivera and one of the guitarists arrived. Helstar played a day ago in Eindhoven at the farewell concert of the Dynamo Club. A little chit-chat with the Americans and I missed the Dutch band, but I planned to see several shows and so there would be another chance!
Opening with Coma the New Yorkers kicked off their set. Another energetic show to come. Newbie Derek Tailer played like his life was depending on his guitar play, anyway, he build a good team with Dave Linsk. The rhythm section of drummer Tim Mallare and bassist and founding member D.D. Verni was tight as usual. Songs like Deny The Cross and Hello From The Gutter were welcome by the fans and the Belgium and Dutch fans opened up a mosh pit! But they took care of each other, when someone stumbled or fell, they gave a helping hand and made sure he's alright. During the show the band played classics like Wrecking Crew / Powersurge (medley), Years Of Decay, Shred, I Hate and Thunderhead! Especially Years Of Decay was very intense. Good to hear that one again after all those years! Please keep it in the setlist!!!!
It was obvious that they enjoyed playing and another highlight was Long Time Dying. As we all knew the Biebob it was hot and sweaty and so Bobby took a breath while checking the setlist and he was wondering about how many songs on the list have 'head' in the title... Hammerhead was next. Introducing the band is part of the game, even if everybody knows them. A standard in their live show is Elimination which they played as well. But they always play - at least in Germany and BeNeLux - In Union We Stand! With a sarcastic smile Bobby introduced this classic and commented it with "Actually we had a good view on the event!" thinking of the terroristic attacks of September, 11th and that he and everyone in the band knew people who worked their, friends and family members who lost someone. So, In Union We Stand had a special meaning! Last, but not least.... Fuck You! What else?

Overkill - November, 16th 2000 - Bochum (Germany), Matrix

Earlier this year Overkill toured together with Annihilator in Europe, now they are back to promote their latest release Bloodletting. Actually the band is supporting Judas Priest's legendary singer Rob Halford, but when Rob has a day off the New Yorkers played a headlining show like today.
While spending time to hanging out with the band, I missed the local opening acts... But I was there to see Overkill! And finally the five-piece entered the stage and the fans were surprised! Joe Comeau left Overkill after the tour to join Annihilator as their singer, now Joe was on stage with Overkill again... Later during the set Bobby Blitz Ellsworth explained the situation, meanwhile the fans enjoyed the powerful set. As usual Bobby and his mates offered a mixture of old and new songs incl. tracks from Bloodletting. Obviously they didn't put priority on the Bloodletting tracks, coz the album was just in the stores for a few days. One of the first highlights was Hello From The Gutter as well as Elimination. Bassist D.D. Verni and drummer Tim Mallare delivered a perfect playground for the guitars as usual. Almost 15 years after their first visit on European stages the band is still powerful and energetic as in their early days, but only Bobby and D.D. remember that days... And a few fans who been there as well... [Don't want to make you feel old... It's reality... ;-)] Bleed Me and Thunderhead they picked from the new album and these tracks fits perfect into the set list which also incl. Necroshine, Long Time Dying, Bastard Nation and In Union We Stand . Much too soon the band left the stage... They returned for an encore and the final song of a Overkill set is a tradition.... Fuck You! and to end the set Bobby was stage diving which became kind of a ritual... A great show! WE WANT MORE!!!!!

Overkill, Annihilator & Dew-Scented
- Febuary, 18th 2000 - Offenbach (Germany), Hafenbahn -

Arriving at the Hafenbahn after a desasterous travel to Offenbach, I soon met the guys. Everyone was very happy to be back at Hafenbahn, not because they love the venue, they love the crowd!
The time schedule didn't work out today... The soundcheck took longer than usual and due to the arrival of some guys from Hughes & Kettner the doors open was delayed. H&K was doing a photo session with the string guys and wanted photos of the whole band, but Bobby kinda disappeared... Andy, the tourmanager searched Bobby. Wolfgang and Martin from the promotion company CMM arrived and started looking for Bobby, too. At the time Hughes & Kettner guys kinda gave up and packed the photo equipment, Bobby walked in... A few photos of the whole band in front of the stage and than Annihilator got their soundcheck. Dew-Scented got due to the delays just a line check.
As soon as the doors opened the venue got crowded! And hot! Dew-Scented did a good job tonight! The band of singer Leif presented a kind of death trash metal incl. Embraced By Sin, Simplicity In Chaos and Idolized. Unfortunately I don't know the band... So I can't tell a lot about them, but I promise that next time I'll be prepared! Sorry guys!
When the Candadians entered the stage it was hot and sweaty. Today even more fans seems to be there to see Annihilator! Especially four-stringer Russ seemed to enjoy being on stage. The hot and sticky atmosphere doesn't seemed to bother anyone. Again Jeff Waters proofed that he is one of the most underrated guitarists! He was EXCELLANT! Same set-list... Unfortunately they didn't changed the set and played different songs... Annihilator have enough songs to choose from!
When Overkill got on stage the crowd turned loose! D.D. Verni and Tim Mallare built the best possible playgound for the guitars. Bobby seems to be full of energy and jumped and banged as always. I didn't thought that the New Yorkers can get even better, but they could!!! I still miss some songs like many fans do, but they can't play all their classics and new ones. Next time they maybe surprise us with tracks, they haven't played for years.... Anyway, it was so sweaty that the stage got slippy... Bobby fell down and kept lying on the stage for a minute or two... The other guys made jokes about it and Bobby talked to the crowd afterwards. He said that he never fall down before that way, but &quoT;hell is hot, Hafenbahn is hotter!" So during the songs, when Bobby was off stage he told the crew guys to get some bottles of water from backstage for the front row. Very nice and caring! That's the way they are... Nice guys!
When the band left after the encores, it took a while until the crowd left and I realized that I can't wait until they are back!!!!
This is a message to someone special, most of you won't understand, but I have to say this: You're not important, but you fixed it during the set. That was amazing! Thank you, I really appreciate it!!!! You kept your promise! :))

Overkill, Annihilator & Dew-Scented
- Febuary, 17th 2000 - Krefeld (Germany), Kulturfabrik -

I arrived in the late afternoon and met Bobby for the interview. We sat down for coffee and talked about all and everything.... The interview you'll find in the interview section.
Today and for a few other shows the German youngsters Dew-Scented will open the show. Due to some business stuff I missed Dew-Scented today, but I'll see them tomorrow!
After a break the Canadians entered the stage and they seemed to be in a very good mood. Randy Rampage jumped on stage and that’s what the Annihilator fans waited for.... Songs like Worldsalad or Criteria For A Black Widow. The quinett rocked and made a great show. The tight rhythm section built a perfect playground for Jeff Waters and his mate on the six-strings.
Then there was time for the New Yorkers!!!! The setlist was the same as in Helmond, but today no technical problems... The KuFa wasn't sold out, but almost... And the crowed went crazy during the first songs! This tour proof that Joe Comeau and Dave Linsk work together pretty good and support each other during the set. The light show was great! The bright lights which lightened the darkness in front of the stage nearly blinded the audience will they sang along... Even if they weren't as bright as usual! One of todays highlights was Bastard Nation and again In Union We Stand!
After the show the band was tired, but happy... Soon the bands showed up at the café and talked to fans. A lot friends and fans from Holland came to see the Canadian-U.S. American package. And I think it was worth to go all the way to Krefeld!

Overkill, Annihilator & Wicked Mystic
- January, 29th 2000 - Helmond (Netherlands), Plato -

The evening didn't start quite good, the bands arrived late and the 2 support acts had cancelled and been replaced tonight by Wicked Mystic...
The doors opened later due to the late arrival and so we decided to get dinner and so we missed the opening act.
Luckily we were back in time to see Annihilator from the start. The Canadians who haven't toured in Europe for quite awhile entered the stage at 10:00 p.m. They started pretty friendly with Welcome To Your Death. Followed my classical tracks like Word Salad and Wicked Mystic. But also presented songs which are not that old like Refresh The Demon and also stuff from their latest release (e.g. Bloodbath). Special was In Command, a track which haven't been played live very often. Annihilator who were back with a legendary line-up (only bassist Russ Bergquist is new) show again - like they did in the past - that this line-up is able to do a fantastic performance. Shouter Randy Rampage said that there were several singers in the history of the band, but he would make everybody forget about them. He did pretty good, even if his left leg was injured he was always in motion and his rough voice was supported. Mr. 'funny face' Jeff Waters showed his outstanding and unique Annihilator sounds, let his fingers run over the guitar neck and his eyes were rolling. It was a pleasure to see Ray Hartmann on drums again. Second guitarist Dave Davis is in the band for awhile and don't have to be introduced to the fans. On bass Russell Bergquist who presented himself very well. Title like Kill Of The King and Schizos Pt. III came over the fans really loud. Annihilator showed that evening that they are one of the best live acts and let the Plato shake. With Alice In Hell they presented one of the top ten metal song of all times. And after a brilliant 75 minutes long set the band left with the slower Sonic Homicide.
If the audience wasn't heated up after this set, then they will never be. And so the New York trashers icons would take the rest of the fans energy. The Americans gave 100% and played a hit list of their songs. Necroshine, Battle, Bastard Nation gave a decent view of the albums they had released. Highlights were the Overkill classics Rotten To The Core, Elimination, Feel The Fire, Coma and Wrecking Crew. And the song which gave the band their name was more then welcome by the fans. Bobby 'Blitz' again proofed his qualities as a live shouter. Overkill have a new guitarist, Dave Linsk is his name and he showed his abilities. After the show we chit-chatted a little, a really sympathetic guy. On the other guitar Joe Comeau showed his talent and on the four-strings as always D.D. Verni. After a long time Mr. Tim Mallare be seen the first time without his beard on drums. Nobody is celebrating songs like In Union We Stand or Fuck You better than Mr. Ellsworth and the fans went crazy which the mosh pit showed. It was obvious that the fans enjoyed the show.
At the end of this evening everybody would agree that it was a brilliant idea to bring these bands on tour in Europe as a co-headliner package.
I'll definitely see another show on this tour, coz this chance won't come again.

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


Overkill, Annihilator & Wicked Mystic
- January, 29th 2000 - Helmond (Neterhlands), Plato -

On a rainy Saturday night I went to Helmond to see Overkill and Annihilator at the Plato. First surprise was that a local band opened... Wicked Mystic. Even if several different tour schedules been released a lot of fans found their way to the Plato. Due to the controls at the entrance a lot of fans were still waiting to get in when Wicked Mystic entered the stage. I never heard about that band before........ But the Dutch band presented a quite good mixture of power and progressive metal. The quintet offered a good show which started with Bleeding My Soul. Their singer was always in motion and his way of singing sometimes remind me a little bit of James LaBrie. I liked Shadow Dancer most, but also Stand Alone. As far as I understood the band will release a CD soon.... I'll try to interview the band later!
The venue was packed when the Canadians entered the stage. Jeff Waters' Annihilator started rocking! The setlist included new songs from Criteria For A Black Widow and old songs like Alison In Hell. Singer Randy talked to the audience and made jokes... In my opinion the new songs are live as good as the old, but on the album.... Canadian guitar magician Jeff Waters showed a great performance and again make me wonder why he's still underrated!
Now it was time for the New Yorkers! 'Blitz' and his mates jumped on the stage to present a round-up of the NY's career. Songs like Supersonic Hate, Elimination, Overkill (their song and the cover version of Motörhead's song), In Union We Stand and Fuck You! It's still amazing how much positive energy this band releases! I saw them about 30 times since 1986 and it's still a pleasure. During the set Bobby asked the fans to sing-along, but the audiences was not very loud. Bobby asked "Are we in Germany?" and the audience went wild to prove they aren't! After the show Bobby came over for a small talk and wanted to make sure that I got it.... It was just a joke, Bobby loves to play in Germany, but knows about the rivalry between Germany and the Netherlands. I'm looking forward to see these guys again... Later on this tour!

Overkill, Massacra & Jag Panzer
- November, 13th 1994 - Frankfurt / Main (Germany), Batschkapp -

Many metal fans made their way to the Batschkapp at this Sunday evening. The local security told everybody that stage diving isn't allowed, but most had for­get about when the headliners played...
When the opening act Jag Panzer entered the stage the venue was almost packed. Tonight the guys had to proof here in Frankfurt that their 'new' singer Daniel J. Conca is able to sing the old, classic tracks. Will Daniel be able to replace his predecessors Harry 'The Tyrant' Conklin? He can! Classic tracks like Symphony Of Terror or License To Kill Daniel can revive. Nevertheless Jag Panzer should have played Forsaken Child, a track which Mr. Conca show off his talent. But guitarist Mark Briody and Chris Kostka don't have to proof anything! Tracks from their latest release like Jeffrey, Psycho Next Door or GMV-407 show that Jag Panzer still an outstanding power metal act, even if many fans still don't know them!
I can't tell much about Massacra who were announced as special guest, coz the interview with Jag Panzer hadn't took place before the show and so I gave it another try. But didn't succeeded and missed Massacra meanwhile. But fans in the first rows said they were great and did an excellent gig.
Then it was time for the Brooklyn Boys of Overkill! Opening with Where It Hurts the band of singer Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth gave full speed ahead. The setlist was a kind of greatest hits program incl. songs like Coma, Horrorscope, Supersonic Hate, Powersurge, Hello From The Gutter, Gasoline Dream, Bastard Nation, Rotten To The Core and Thanx For Nothin'. Even if they had to fight sound problems, Overkill showed again that they are superior. Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth is a well-experienced frontman and know how to act while the crew tried to solve the technical problems. Bassist and founding member D.D. Verni, guitarists Merritt Gant and Rob Cannavino as well as drummer Tim Mallare were in top form. The stage show got supported by a fantastic light show. While the local crew tried to keep the fans from stage diving, the New Yorkers gave the local crew a hard time, coz they like stage diving. Last, but not least their classic Fuck You which 'Blitz' finished stage diving and fans would be disappointed, if he wouldn't! Resume: Great show, even if Overkill had some sound problems. Jag Panzer showed that they are still alive and it wasn't just me who hoped that they will soon return to the European stages!

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